Best Hypothetical Summer CD Topics

CD dumpster fire 2(many) electric boogaloo

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What if I suggest banning COTS environments then tell everyone it’s a social experiment then we get the thread deleted and 5 spin-off summer cd threads for the price of one

Caption Contest: Good or Bad?

Fantasy FIRST, Event APIs, and Equity Barriers Solved By RFID

Advanced Vision Processing vs. Advanced Drive Systems: A Comparative Guide

Maximum Competitive Concepts for Fun and Profit

Why FIRST Should Put FTC Robots on an FRC Field


Best Hypothetical Summer CD Topics


You Guess the Price of the Rio 2.0


The converse (Why FIRST Should Put FRC Robots on an FTC Field) would be a pretty short thread.

For real though, I’d settle with adding an additional panel to the existing FTC field to make it 14x14 or put 2 fields together for 12x24.

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Make 20 threads about Thanos or something.

[Insert political topic here], Good or Bad?

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Weekly Losses


1500 retail, 800 for teams.

Holding Unofficial District Events In Areas That Won’t Switch Off Regionals

Golfing: good or bad?

Are We Just Upper Middle Class Resume-Fillers?


We made a pretty convincing argument in favor of this.

Cooperate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture. :grin:

Best Hypothetical Summer CD Topics:

  • Why boring technology builds better robots

  • Does FIRST really focus on STEM, or just TEM?

  • Why Programming should be give more time than your Mechanical Team

  • How to import WPILIB to your FTC robot

  • A Pipeline approach: Programming FTC robots like FRC Robots

  • How would you design a robot to only play defense?

  • How would you design a robot to only play defense for FTC?

  • Agile Development for your Tech/Cad team

  • Version Control for Onshape

  • Dog training techniques and their applications for building a better team

  • Contact Improv and Continuous Integration: How two CI’s can lead to one great programming team


The biggest problem you would be facing would be the 2v2 format; if you are only playing defense, you must be sure that your alliance partner alone is capable of winning the match. Even with a solid scoring partner, you still have to have a robot that is able to shut down at least 1 opponent’s worth of scoring.

In contrast to something like Deep Space, where teams can often shut down opponents hard at the point of scoring, FTC games are often designed with rules that limit defense can be played while a robot directly scores. As a result, most defense in the program is played either at the intaking stage, or far more commonly, in transit to score. The most effective defending bots tend to be scoring bots that play defense on opponents in transit while not slowing themselves down significantly.

This hypothetical defense-only robot would probably be running 6 motors on a reasonably tractioned tank drive. More motors would likely result in a blown fuse. Care must be taken, however, that the robot is not so tractioned that it fails the field tile destruction test. You would also want an acceptable intake attached, even if not to score, as displacing elements away from an opponent attempting to acquire them is an effective defensive strategy.

Still, making an defense-only bot effective in FTC is a tall order, even with coherent driver and design strategy. The 2v2 format really crimps its effectiveness. Even in Vex, defense-centric robots often have some form of obligatory scoring attached to them.

Wait…this is a hypothetical topic. oh crud

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Why Summer CD is @Brian_Maher’s bane, and how to make it even better.


Swerve: Good or Great?

Cancel Culture case study: Banning Marshall

#one CMP

Why Mentorbuilt Should be Revived


I’m still proud of the joke about MentorMatches as a dating site…

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I have a few.

Covid-19: Good or bad?

Why the masks should never come off

Is hosting the 2022 season in person unsafe?

Should you blacklist teams who attended unsafe off-seasons?

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I don’t know why it took me so long to remember this, but why do we need to think of hypotheticals when we have this masterpiece?


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