Best imu usable with the current roborio image

we’re currently trying to get an imu working with our robot, but the current roboRIO image is currently not working with any analoge imu.

does anybody know of a good alternative that would work with the current image?

Best is such a hard word to interpret. It’s based on what you value most.

We really like the navx 1. The navx 2 and the pigeon 2 show more promise than their older versions. Take a look at these

My recommendation is the navX (now the navX2), but you can’t get them anywhere right now. We’ve used them on every robot for the past 6 years and have not had any issues with them.

I’ve heard good things about the pigeon, but have not used it personally.

As far as I know, the pigeon uses the same chip as the NavX.


The first NavX and first Pigeon used the same chip. However, I haven’t seen what chip the Pigeon 2 switched to.

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Looks like I’m going to switch to NavX MXP v1 for robot, and VMX-PI for programming robot. The v2 micro is available. I might look for the v2 mxp if available, I think that is my current preference.

When the future image comes out I might reconsider, but probably not. I had initially considered the adis16470 for this year.


I am looking currently at the NavX, the original one seems to be out of stock, as well as the 2, but I was able to find a 2 micro. Do you happen to know what the differences are?

Have you seen the FAQ?

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