Best Intake designs for Charged Up?

Charged Up week 1 Regionals are now over, what is the best intake design for Charged Up people have seen so far?

So far I have seen a wide variety of intakes including rollers and passive wheels or actuating with wheels. The Everybot intake seems to have become extremely common and appears to work really well for some teams. That being said, I am curious what is the fastest and most repeatable intake people have seen this far, as well as any “thinking outside the box” crazy/wild intakes people have seen so far. Will people go for more sturdy and repeatable intakes or go for light and fast but possibly lose some of that repeatability? What also makes that intake the best to you?



The best intake right now IMO is 3005’s

The main downside it has is requiring a wrist to reorient the cone.


I will once again the shill the 111 intake.

  • Picks up cones in any orientation
  • Centers tipped cones with point facing in
  • Really good at single substation
  • Fairly wide so it’s good at ground cubes

I definitely agree, and I can’t wait to see it in action! It’s very reminiscent of their 2011 intake, and if that year is anything to go by, they should have a really good run!


Agreed! The Wildstang grabber seems to be extremely versatile with a large grabbing surface. The ability to pick up tipped and upright cones as well as cubes with such ease makes it an extremely useful grabber. However, I was always curious if it truly centered the cones inside of the grabber so it was easier to align. I thought it did not have some mechanism to center cones but am I wrong? Is there one?

The original on our bot doesn’t actually center them, although I have seen a mod on discord that added centering flanges to do this.

We will be investigating this change ourselves for future events. Perks of open sourcing!

I am really excited to see that update, your robot and auto look amazing! I have been following the build blog for a while and I am excited to see any future improvements. The full link auto is pretty impressive. Awesome bot Wildstangs!

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I like the 179 intake.


That was probably my team’s mod. Started out as 3D print but we found the compliance in the bent poly worked really well in this application. Additionally we found that the tips of the flanges needed to be bent in as well in order to not catch on the cone during outtaking, otherwise the cone would shoot out in random directions.

We compete this weekend so hopefully I’ll have more to share on it’s overall performance, but drive practice results from the past week are extremely promising.


I’m curious about this - our team saw the kickoff video and immediately decided we needed a claw to pick things up. Fast forward two months and we have one, but it’s a LOT slower and less reliable than the bots that used wheels/belts/etc. None of the great intakes I’ve seen are claw-based.

Towards the goal of getting better at this sort of thing … Is there any kind of design principle that should have steered us away from a claw in the first place? For instance, in retrospect it seems (a little bit) obvious that rubber wheels would be grippy and fast, and we should have considered that.

For teams that went with wheel/belt solutions - did you contemplate a claw and dismiss it? Would love to hear about the thought process.


The answer is almost always some sort of roller claw, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head where we would consider something else, maybe the 2005 tetra?

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One of 254’s (or is it 1678’s?) golden rules is to always use rolley grabbers.

Many teams’ golden rule tbh. Its specifically mentioned in the 1678 fall workshop though, which may be what you’re thinking of.

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The first principle of good intakes is “touch it, own it”. Most of the time, claws (at least without rollers) are antithetical to that.

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Check out Code Orange 3476 for one of the most effective claw intakes I’ve seen in a long time.

What makes it good?

  1. Super wide open position
  2. Closes very fast
  3. Has very strong closure force

Pretty good example of “touch it, own it” for claws.

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