Best landfill bots

What are some good landfill-oriented robots this year? Obviously 1114 and 987, but who else scores at a high level from the landfill? Most of the robots I’ve seen are better in the HP station than the landfill.

from new england there are a few specifically 2067 is quick.

A bot from Virginia with a wicked fast landfill pick-up would have to be 1086 Blue Cheese

2056 is a very strong landfill bot.

2481 Roboteers. Compeeted at Arkansas and Central Illinois

We don’t “score at a high level”, in large part because we have almost no ability to manipulate the recycling container, but we are pretty effective at scoring totes from the landfill, hitting two stacks of four (or a stack of five and three) pretty consistently by the end of our event. With a bit of CG adjustment and software tuning for our next event, two stacks of five should be easy for us, and hopefully we’ll get more. We waste a lot of time getting totes lined up with our hooks and can’t drive very well with a full stack of 5 at this point.

I’ll try and get some video up soon. The key to being a good landfill robot this year is to have really prototyped the crap out of intake. Two wheels on sticks that they can grab totes won’t cut it. We had a team spend three weeks of build season finding the perfect wheel material, arrangement, and geometry to intake totes at any angle. Totes nearly perpendicular to the robot can be spun into the right orientation if you get it right.

We can do either. Competing in Ventura this week and SD next…just as fast LF as HP.

The Achilles of a majority of teams regardless of HP or LF design is that they have to place themselves perfectly(wasting time)…we built our bot to be able to manipulate any object in any orientation… with an adjustable Pneumatic stable fork max height and Omni H drive. So LF is no issue can grab any two totes either direction or upside down one (maybe two)… and HP as long as we are there we can easily stack and control totes out chute door. Same time to build any stack from either…and HP load RC’s to top on side or standing.

We’ll see how that translates this weekend on a real field. It should do well based on past events I viewed of other bots and practice.

I am in awe of 1114…by far best bot. Outstanding for a single bot engineering wise blew my mind.

I would not say we are LF oriented rather Field oriented. Should be fun.

Team 3360 was consistently hitting 2 capped 6-stacks from the landfill after auto at the Montreal playoffs

We also have a similar problem, in that we lack the ability to score RC’s quickly, but by the semifinals at TVR we could easily make 3 stacks of 4 out of the landfill, with about 50 seconds left over to try and cap one. I believe if we kept going at that speed we could have made at least 1 maybe 2 more. (We were making stacks of 4 because that was the most our alliance partners could cap for us).

For Worlds we hope make modifications to make capping our own stacks much more efficient.

Our team The Bit Buckets, 4183, just outdid themselves by winning the Arizona East regional. Two capped stacks of four plus whatever work needed in the last 40 seconds.

And our robot is made of laser-cut plywood.

Your team has been exciting to watch! I have been keenly interested, since you built the only other independent sliding tote holders I have seen this year. It was fantastic to see your success yesterday! I sure hope we can duplicate that in Denver next week.

I believe you are referring to us (2481). If so, we are very appreciative of the shout out. If not, we are really going to have to hunt down 2482 and find out what amazing stealth technology they are utilizing. :wink:

I also want to give a shout out to our fellow CIR winning alliance partners in 1756. Their intake is incredible and makes them very capable in the land of staggered totes as well.

Team 3130 the errors had a really good landfill bot at Northern Lights. 2338 was impressive at Wisconsin as they usually got 2 capped 6 stacks via using the landfill in a match.

1114, watch @ 0:50

Edit: Decided to actually read the OP’s post. Oh well.

1717 is going to be scary in Ventura. Based on what I saw them doing in L.A. (while ironing bugs out), that is.

More “scared” of Beach Bots 330 (best local bot I’ve seen at 90+ pts solo by far) in terms of “scare factor”… they’ll set the top bar going into Ventura. Be very impressed if 1717 can improve to around that level. Beach Bots don’t like to lose more than most as evidenced with 12 Regional Championships, and their blue paint on our bot from last year. That was fun.

But they are HP loading bot…so for this discussion not a factor.


+1 for 1086. Top notch. At least three, many times four stacks of four per game from the landfill.

“Toot Toot!” - Everybody tooting their own horn in here.

Nah, just me. :wink: