Best Linux Distribution (for a small screen)?

May I ask which one?

e.g. Slacko, Lucid, Precise, Wary, etc

… and which version?


I’m pretty sure Lucid, but the version I am not sure of.

Probably Lucid 5.2.8 if you recently downloaded.

I have installed that on several older desktop and laptop computers.

And I keep a bootable USB in my toolkit for diagnosis and data recovery on machines with corrupted Windows installations.

I boot it off of USB, my thin client doesn’t have a CD drive so a bootable CD was out of the question. Although I found a USB floppy disk reader. I wish I could find a use for that.

You can use it to boot FreeDOS :slight_smile:

Which BTW I can’t test for you in Oracle VirtualBox because while I was doing this I was also experimenting with Novell Netware IPX VLM 16bit drivers in FreeDOS 1.1 and BTrieve requester using ‘share’ file locking.

Let’s just say it’s not exactly stable.
If you even enable the VM acceleration you can cause the FreeDOS 1.1 kernel not to even boot on some systems.

However DR-DOS is still available for purchase and stable.
MS-DOS is still available from MSDN subscriptions.

Someone could put Plop on a 1.44MB floppy as I mentioned before to get past BIOS limitations.

I linked several floppy disk based versions of Linux earlier.

Course you really don’t need much in they way of any drive at all.

From the bottom of that link:
Very simple Linux boot often in less than <1 second.