Best Local Teams Containing the Number '254'

Summer CD is boring, this thread won’t be.

I saw a recent thread started by a wonderful east coast lad, and it got me thinking.

Who are the top 5 teams that contain ‘254’ in their team number, based upon:
• Color of powder coat
• # of Mentors
• # of Girls graduated pursuing STEM careers during the past 5 years
• # of Off season events created and run in the past 5 years
• # of times featured on FRC Top 25 in the past 5 years
• Any other metric you want to create to manipulate data

I’ll comment in a little bit with some data on the lovely Pacific Coast, unless someone else wants to do it.




Much respect for this pre-rookie team.

I’m with this guy

In Michigan: 1254.

In the PNW: Gonna have to go with 2542, even though they haven’t competed since 2014.

Since one of the questions is about female engineers, I don’t think they would win. The high school they are from is a private all male catholic school, granted they do have members from other schools, but it is rare since they have to apply to be on the team.

Is that 1254, teh Chez Cakes?

They had a stellar appearance on Newton this year.

They’ve definitely got my vote out of the Canaduh teams.

You’re all thinking about this wrong. All team #s ‘contain’ 254… if their # is the result of a basic math equation.

What about 2054? Do they count?

No. This is CD, take the threads and their topics seriously.

I did all the West Coast calculations! Here they are:

By Color of Powdercoat:

  1. 254 [Blue]
  2. 2543 [none]

By # of mentors :

  1. 254 [lots]
  2. 2543

By # of Girls graduated pursuing STEM careers during the past 5 years:

  1. 2543 [more than 0]
  2. 254 [0]

By # of Offseason events created and run in the past 5 years:

  1. 254
  2. 2543

By # of times featured on FRC Top 25 in the past 5 years:

  1. 254
  2. 2543


  1. 254
  2. 2543

All of this is objective, none of this is subjective, and judgement calls are not necessary with any sort of list like this.

As I said before, feel free to add on any sort of metric to the discussion!

I took the cosine of max in-season OPR to find the objective best teams ever.

1: 5254 (0.984259)
2: 2545 (0.747338)
3: 2544 (0.746145)
4: 1254 (0.684572)
5: 2543 (0.339690)
6: 2549 (0.088408)
7: 254 (-0.927800)


Guys you’re all forgetting a team

In fact, 294 is 36% better than 254, according to the metric 2+9+4 = 15 > 11 = 2+5+4

I expect updated metric calculations for the west coast from WCBC.

This is obviously a half hearted attempt to skew data that says quite the opposite.

Please, serious replies only.

As you can see in this image the number 254 is actually secretly hidden in our team number:

Flip the 5 sideways and it’s basically a 2. The 9 upside down is essentially a 5. The 4 fits in perfectly, and just forget about the 0.

Also, 5 + 9 + 4 + 0 = 18. Enough said

I think that we also need to look at percent of graduated girls pursuing STEM careers, in which case we cannot definitively say that 2543 is better than 254 at supporting women in STEM.

4254 also used to be an upstate New York team, but they stopped competing a few years ago. :frowning:

I think you meant to say they had a stellar appearance in the Couch division.