Best looking wheels

the ones i loved at Championship were some that were CNC’ed and anionized goldenish … they looked like the MUGEN RNR’s for you honda fans. what were your favorite wheels

I’m a little biased, but it’s gotta be ours. there should be a pic around here somewhere…

here we go!

The West Coast Wheel – Originally used by 60 & 254 in 2004. Various incarnations have now been used by 4, 22, 968, 980 among others.

Wildstang 2006

IFI Traction Wheel v2

Wildstang '06
781 '04

thats sick… where do u get stuff like that … i envy those wheels , my bot had the skyways with treat cut into them from a chop saw

At Wired Magazine’s NEXTFEST in New York two weekends ago I saw mechanum wheels in action for the first time on Team 40’s robot, and I think I could feel my jaw drop to the floor. I know the shock of seeing mechanums will fade eventually, but for now they’re the most eye-popping, eye-pleasing thing I think I’ve ever seen. (Sorry, couldn’t find a picture. Not like you all haven’t seen them already.)

Actually, out of curiosity, did the tread ever rip out of the fasteners on those bad boys? It looks like there’s so little holding in so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, those look nice!

Check out the new version of those wheels; They’re even more awesome looking.

Add 900 in 2005 to that list; zebra print aside, they ran something similar to the 254/60 setup of 2004. (Other issues kept them from realizing its full potential, IIRC.)

From the straight-off-the-shelf division, I’m still a fan of the AndyMark plastic omniwheels. Omni-drive wasn’t the way to go in 2006, but at least you looked good if you tried. Ditto for the Mecanums; I can’t wait to see some prototype drivetrains in action.

I’ve also got to give the nod to 179’s 2005 setup. The goped wheels might not’ve been the flashiest set around, but they were clean and effective (especially with a madman on the joysticks).

HOT’s 2005 wheels. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

357’s Mecanum drive (dubbed the jester drive), is the sexiest of all the FRC mecanums.

My vote is divided between The California wheel, and Wildstand in 06. But you can never forget the special JVN edition Andymark Spinners

And as far as omni wheels are considered, the blue and orange combination that 1126 has used looks pretty great.

wow those are some amazing wheels!!!

The pop rivets never came out and we are still using that very same tread on the wheels even to this day.

Ah yes, the wonderful aspects of blue nitrile conveyor belting. Wears less than the natural rubber, and that means more time without having to change tread, which is hard to do within five minutes.

About wheels, I must show you what our 2006 wheels look like. The design came from one of our team members. :smiley:

With blue nitrile tread on them, they are beautiful.

haha thanks for the comment!

They are also my favorite wheels and my favorite thing i created.

HOW / Where do yall get these amazing looking wheels made?.. some look like car rims… AMAZING!

x2 It looks sketchy, but they hold very, very well. I used them last year when I mentored 1660. As for wheels… I like BBS LMs :eek: :wink:

And Team 195’s Belt cogs are the bizzzz :slight_smile:

EDIT: To answer sporno’s question; I can speak for Team 195 only here, we buy the solid belt cogs from BrecoFlex and have one of our sponsors CNC mill over HALF of the material out of the inside.

to be honest, and a little bias, i loved 968’s / 254’s wheels. the hex shafts made the changing tread sooooo much more easier for me and the pit crew.