Best low goal robot

Which team, who SOLELY did low goals was the most effective this season?


2122 is the top that transitioned to a high goal. 1011 was also a great low goal bot.

two from the PNW:

I’m not sure as far as the whole world went but in IN, here are my top 2.

71- Had a very effective scaler. The scale was essentially 2 high goals. Their cycle time was also fairly low. Their low goal auto worked about half of the time too.

1529- They also had a low goal auto that I saw work at least once at IN DCMPS. I’m not sure how well it worked at worlds. They also had really fast cycle times for scoring and showed to be a great feeder bot. They also had played some great defense at IN DCMPS too.


I’m surprised 3683 hasn’t been mentioned yet. Their driver is great and their climber is fast.

Almost forgot, 5401 had a great showing as well. Very clean design, it’s beautiful up close.

5406, Celt-X, was really efficient

238 was an extremely effective low goaler - They were finalists at GSD and Boston, as well as winners at UNC Ashville.

I’d argue for 3683. Just go watch their incredible driving in division semis. It’s inspiring.
There are other excellent low goalers to name, however, including:

To name just a few. All of these teams did excellent this season because they prioritized low goals, climbing, and driving practice over spending their resources on a high goal shooter.

Just teams I’ve noticed:

From the PNW-


836 and 1418 dominating the CHS district championship with up to 15 low goals per match has got to be up there in terms of low goal achievements this season!

Just sorted the final version of the 4536 scouting database (paper: 4536 scouting database BETA - CD-Media: Papers - Chief Delphi) by Low goals teleop. This does not exclude teams with high goal capability.

The only superb low goal specialist I got to see in person was team 233 in Orlando, where they seeded 1st and won the event. They won the Orlando and Bayou regionals, and were finalists at the Lone Star regional and Carson subdivision.

I thought that 1058 did a really good job.

1153 and 2370 were very effective low-goal-only robots in NE.

Curie had a whole lot of great low goal shooters. 3546, 5406, 1511, 25, just to name a few.

1058 switched to high goals at the New England District Championship.

233 is an excellent example I forgot about.

836 and 1418 are two other incredible ones I forgot.

5624. Two MAR District Event wins this year. They were on the alliance holding the record for most teleop low goals scored in a match, with themselves scoring 10 low goals alone.

233 is a superb low goaler.

This conversation begins and ends with 3683.

+1 to the people who’ve said 5803 and 2990 - Apex had one of the quickest scores into the low goal I’ve seen, and 2990’s collector & ability to starve their opponents of boulders was the reason that their alliance defeated the Newton upset alliance.

I’d also like to add 1983 and 610, both solid low goal robots that transitioned to high goal over the course of the season