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Sooo, since it’s off season, I’d like to see what people think of other team’s mascots. Like, what team has the best looking mascot, who’s team mascot gets most into character, and just the over all one-look-and-your-jaw-drops-in-awe mascot.

One of my favorites has been team 1939’s giant killer bunny. Or, as they call it, a cute little kuh-nig-it. :wink:

I hate to toot our own horn, but I think our mascot is pretty well put up. It might not be the most creative, but it represents nicely at competition.

Since our mascot is a Lion, both for the team and the school, the school allows us to borrow the mascot suit for competitions. So everything is authentic and it looks awesome. We also get some really spunky people in the costume. I remember a couple of years ago, one of our teacher sponsors jumped into the suit. It was a blast for him and the people around him.

The best two mascots I’ve seen are Team SPORK’s (#3196) or 100 Scholars (#3091).
SPORK’s is guy wearing a black suit and a spork-shaped hat.
100 Scholars has a bulldog and whoever they have in there is awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Team 201 (the FEDs) have two semi-mascots: a guy and a girl who dress up in a really nice suit, jacket, and dark sunglasses, then walk around pretending to be federal agents, protecting the robot, and stuff like that, with completely straight, serious faces the whole time. The only time it wasn’t like that was when there was some sort of dance song on at MSC (maybe Sandstorm?) and they were sitting down with the rest of their team, making their hands go in circles, looking like they were dancing. With straight, serious faces. I didn’t stop laughing for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

(they also have had someone in a falcon costume - who gives great hugs - but I like the agents a lot more. How they don’t smile, I don’t know. Definitely one of my favorites.)

I’m pretty sure it was 3200 that had this really neat cardboard box Decepticon looking mascot that I really got a kick out of. part of what made it so awesome too was the fact that it was homemade out of cardboard boxes, instead of buying a mascot suit or borrowing one from their school (guilty…). the other part was the fact that it looked like something out of the really old Transformers show I watched when I was like 6 :smiley:

The Fighting Calculator 2175](

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Alex, I’ve got to tell you, that picture just made my day. that picture is just awesome

Our school currently has no idea what happened to our mustang costume… but it keeps turning up at robotics competitions then mysteriously disappears. I’m currently trying to think of something funny to do with it as a senior prank next year, any ideas?

I really like our mascot(s). depending on the competition and who can make we had cool mascots 2 years ago. I will try to find pictures. this year we just kinda made up mascots they weren’t as elaborate but I thought they were pretty cool.

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Last year Paradox (2102) had one of the most creative mascot costumes I’ve seen, along with heaps of team spirit.

@S-Forbes: Twitch, Twitch, Faint :wink:

Moe’s giant leaf costume turns a lot of heads. I still have no idea how that guy fit on the escalator in Georgia. You had to be at least 5 steps behind

My vote goes for the Wildhat from team 100.

I like team 155’s nut mascot. It’s always among the best mascots in the northeast,



I can’t remember which team it was, but at Championships, there was a team with 2 rock 'em sock 'em robot mascots made out of cardboard.

Idk man…while our school is pretty nice about letting students use the equipment with moderate freedom, they bring down the hammer when something goes wrong…

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Team 857’s Yeti is a pretty awesome mascot.!/photo.php?pid=31134484&id=1304246611&ref=album

I agree! While moving around Galelio I remember seeing that elaborate costume walking around and cheering! That was most definitely one of the more noticible mascots!

Best? Maybe not.

But CUTE!!!