Best Matches/Moments of 2016

What were the best matches or moments (or match moments) in FRC for 2016? Please post any video links or media.

Personally I can’t get enough of watching 330 right themselves time and time again especially in SF1-2 on Einstein.

Waterloo 2016 Finals have to be in there

Seeing my team, 2052, shootover a 54 inch blocker for the first time was pretty exciting.

Another exciting match was Quals 20 from Newton. It was a pretty strong match up with 118 on Blue going against 16 and 1477 on Red, but what made it interesting was that 118 stopped moving shortly after autonomous. They came back to life 50 seconds later, and the Blue alliance ended up winning by 1 point.

A few personal favorites:

The First 70 Point Auto

This match ended up being the World High Score for about a half hour, so that’s cool too.

Semi Final 2-1 of NEDCMP

I really wish that the few things that went wrong in this match- didn’t. The strategy that 125-195-2168 attempted to run was really fun to come up with, and extremely orchestrated. We wanted to put every single boulder on the field in our opponent’s courtyard in an attempt to starve boulders. This meant 125 and 2168 attempting to funnel every ball to 195, and keeping our opponent boulder-limited. Unfortunately- the amount of boulders on the ground led to both 195 and 2168 getting stuck on top of boulders and 125 ended up on our backs. I wish this strategy was able to play out the entire match- ABomb 2.0 would have been interesting…

IRI Semi Final 2-1 and Semi Final 2-2

I was hanging out with 195 for the weekend at IRI. The entire eliminations bracket was a fun ride- but watching these matches was so awesome. If only the alliance could have operated at this efficiency during finals… a few tragic mishaps along with incredible defense led to 2 unfortunate losses.

254 pushing their dead alliance partner across a defense and to the batter to win by 1 point

Literally incredible to watch from field side.

I’m sure I am forgetting a few favorites… will edit if I remember anymore.

I am not sure if enough people know this, but 330 fell over at the Los Angeles Regional too. In the finals, this happened in Match 1 and Match 3.

Yes, they were able to get back up back then as well :wink:

The incredible amount of boulders scored by 148 and 1678 in QF1-2 on Hopper has to be up there. 24 boulders in the high goal between 2 robots is crazy.

I believe this was the highest un-penalized score at 270?

Yes, that was the highest scoring match without counting foul points(there were no foul points awarded to either side in that match).

One of my favorite moments I had watching our matches was at CVR. We were lining up for a shot in the outer works and a blocker bot was attempting to block our shot. Our robot further extended our arm to the limit of the robot size so that our camera could see the goal to align and take the shot. The audience went nuts when they saw us getting heckled by defense and then casually extend our arm and shoot over them, clearly nobody expected us to be able to do that.

Newton match 100, where 254 pushed a dead robot over the defenses for the capture to win the game by one point.

Finals from SVR this year were pretty crazy, especially with the scoring change in Finals 1.

This is the match where they show the extension off (starts at 1:23).

This Match

Probably the best moment of this year for 2502.
We won the Double DECC er match; Lake Superior and Northern Lights are hosted in the same place and at the end the winners of each face off.

We carried the nice bend in our sponsor banner from 5232 for the rest of the season.

Personally one of my favorite matches are semi 2 match 2 at that MAR Seneca district. The reasons I will always like this match is because team 869 is a tall robot. In this match they were able to go through the portcullis and I just thought it was cool because they needed to use their intake to pick the door up and have it hit the hooks on their climber to slide it up and over the robot. This is also their first competition of the year so it wasnt able to do everything it could towards the end.

Boston finals was an awesome three match set. Red’s endgame ended up making the difference in finals 2 and 3.

The two that stand out for me and FRC Team 1501 are:

  1. Perry-Meridian Qual 55. We had just crossed over a defense and were setting up a Auto shot when FRC Team 1024 came over and turned us about 30 degrees. Our turret reacquired the high goal and made the shot.

  2. Indiana State Championship Qual 21. FRC Team 71, 4103 and 1501 ALL scaling the tower for the first (and only (as far as I researched)) triple hang. We also got the high score of 169. The very next match we got a high score of 185.

1 alliance on Hopper (1678, 148, 364) had a few triple hangs.

One of my best personal moments was the blackout at the Rock City Regional in Little Rock this year. It was not neccwhat I was looking for in a memorable senior year, but it was still worth every hour of it.

sigh My team was in the match with 118. We are the red alliance robot that was stuck near the portcullis for most of the match. another sigh I am to blame for our robot’s malfunction and, subsequently, the loss. Being the team’s lead programmer, I was asked to create an autonomous sequence to go breach the portcullis and shoot a high goal. LET THE NEXT SENTENCE BE A WARNING TO ALL PROGRAMMERS . One line in the code was missing a semicolon, causing the robot to get stuck in a loop, ruining the entire match. My missed keystroke is to blame for that close match:( (we didn’t have time to test the auto code so it was never discovered).

It happens to the best of us haha. If it’s any consolation it made the match a lot more entertaining than just another 118 win.

Yes, but that was a picked alliance. Ours was a computer generated, random alliance during Quals.
But congrats to them.

Newton Finals. I still don’t understand how 217 managed to pull out an upset win over a 1241-254 combo.

Or Curie eliminations. Only reverse perfect bracket in history.