Best Matches

I’ve been looking for at least 3 of the best matches videos from 2007, 2008 and 2009 Games(3 from each year)… can some one help me with that?

Thanks in advance!

Try looking through this Website for match data/video for most years of competition since 1992:

Consider 2007, Einstein Finals match 3. Sure I am a bit biased but many consider it to be a great match all around.

Einstein Semi 2-2:

Waterloo Finals 1-2:

West Michigan QF4-1:

IRI SF1-2:

Einstein F1-2:

Boilermaker F1-1:

Einstein F1-2:

Silicon Valley F1-2:

Newton F1-2:

I tried to include some good examples from both regionals and championships, so I hope that helps.

That’s actually the Sacramento regional finals, not silicon valley.

Hey, while we’re here, how about some of the best matches from other years too?

I’ve been looking on the blue alliance for matches but couldn’t find the top 3 I was looking so thank you!!