Best Moments of Aerial Assist

Hey everyone! I am looking to put together another video like I did for Rebound Rumble- available here on YouTube- and I need your help!

I am looking for YouTube links to the best competition moments in Aerial Assist. These can include, first solo two ball auto, first solo three ball auto, first truss toss and catch, first perfect cycle, first perfect auto, great plays etc.

The final video will premiered on the FRC Top 25 show next week! Stay tuned to the FRCTop25 “Post Championship” thread for details on that show.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing all of these videos!

I feel like if this was a question asking about the best moments of Aerial Assist someone would say, “it ending.”

You mean like this? :wink:

First solo 2-ball/hot goal auto?
624 at the Alamo Regional, Q11

Einstein. Like, all of Einstein. Especially the final three matches.


Definitely try to show all of the different ways teams went about getting 3 assists at champs, particularly the 3 seed, 5 seed, and 8 seed on Archimedes. The 254 v. 1114 chess match on Einstein was epic. Some other great matches were Waterloo semifinals with 254 and 2056, inland empire finals match 2 when 399 caught two balls en route to a win, 2481 had some great shooting moments in Galileo elims… I could go on for a while but these were the moments that stuck out to me. Inland Empire Finals match 2 Archimedes QF 1-1 Archimedes F 1-3 The hat (best video ever) Einstein F 1-3 Galileo F 1-3 973 gets a double block

In qualification match 42 of the Northeastern District, one side of 3467’s rings snapped. Luckily because of the symmetry our robot fad this year, we were able to spin 180 degrees around and still make a 10 point shot with seconds remaining. (around 2:20)

Strangest high goal score? Watch the blue ball at 1:32. This is definitely at the top of my “what just happened” list.

Wut? do not pick - actively helps opponents score

On the other hand… Do pick, they don’t get Technical Fouls for G12 violations. (At IRI, that’ll probably be no foul at all…) Fastest possession I’ve ever seen…

If you can find video of it, during Qualification match 81 on archimedes 1671 makes what I believe to be the farthest (albeit unintentional) catch in Aerial Assist: a 45 ft toss falls just short of the human player and lands in their robot.

Also, you’ve got to include one of the 1918 death cycles.

604’s epic auton fail.

I’m impartial to a few cool moments that we experienced this season.

At 2:20 in this video the front side of our shooter ring snaps meaning the ball is no longer supported and at first reaction our shooter is dead. Our drivers reacted quickly with the time left on the clock and just shot out the back of the robot for a last second score.

At 1:54 in this video our partners 58 The Riot Crew missed just high but the ball bounced off of the low goal in and in for 10 points.

The blue alliance shot here was pretty cool:

All 3 Einstein matches.
Watching 254 and 1114 during autonomous was amazing.

My personal favorite moment from my team:
Crowd went crazy. Even the refs were cheering!

Quick thinking by our operator: Red team under defence shot ball from the right side of the field to the high goal on the left.

Watch the red ball.

Oh and also, when that Paper Airplane made it onto the stage when Dean was speaking.

25 may disagree it happens alittle after 2:12

Match 2 at the FIRST in Michigan Southfield District - Week 1. 33 catches truss shot from 573 at 2:10.