Best moments of Rebound Rumble

Now that IRI has ended, I was thinking about some of the best matches, alliances, surprises, and more that have happened throughout this season. I though I should share my thoughts here. I guess I’ll make this kind of like an award show, saying what I think was the best moment, match, etc. and anyone else who wants to can share their opinion

Best Match: Archimedes F-3, this match decided the Archimedes representitive and was extremely fun to watch, by the time it got to the bridges it was anyones game. The Eh team doubled and the 2826, 67, 4143 team failed on a great triple attempt. Other notables: Newton S-1(or maybe 2) where both alliances tripled and the final score was 121-97 I believe(correct me on that), and Boston F-2 an extremely close match decided by a single basket.

Best alliance(qualification or elimination): The now famous IRI alliance of 624, 118, and 16, who scored 136 points, three of which from a shot on the bridge. Other notables: the Eh-team (1114, 2056, 4334) and Boston regional winners (341, 233, 246)

Best moment for my own team: winning the RCA at GSR, our first of hopefully many more. Other notable: making it to the finals as an 11 seed during battlecry@WPI (thanks 175 and 716!)

Best robots: Just to list some notables, 67, 341, 2056, 2826, 1114, 233, 1717, and many many more.

Best rookie team: 4334 ATA the best feeder in the game this year

Best play: 118 scoring from the bridge at IRI.

Please share your thoughts and ideas!

Although I agree that they were the best rookie team this year, I think that 16 had a better feeder bot. In my opinion, 16 was almost a necessity. I was very surprised that they made it so deep into the draft at champs, and ended up being the 8th alliance captain at IRI. I think that 1114 and 2826 could have won IRI without 4334 (Not trying downplay 4334’s contributions to the their IRI alliance, just my opinion).

Spot on. When I want to show someone from outside of FIRST what Rebound Rumble is all about, this is the match I show them.

This alliance needed 4334 in order to make a triple balance possible. One of the things that makes 4334’s robot this year so great is the fact that it isn’t a full sized robot.

Do you have a good video of this match? I would kill for that.

Thanks for all the support guys. In the interest of accurate discussion, 1114 and 2826 balanced with 245 on the practice field a number of times. On the other hand 341 and 2056 also balanced with 148 on a practice field, but that didn’t work in competition. Just little things I thought you might like to know.

Comparing 16 to 4334 is hard to do considering 16 was a completely different robot from top to bottom. You can’t compare 4334’s 4wd to a swerve drive that has been years in the making by a veteran team like 16. 4334 was a much smaller robot making them a much better tripling robot.

I doubt 2826 and 1114 would have won IRI without 4334. Because without 4334 they probably wouldn’t have been able to triple and 4334 played some extremely tough defense against opposing robots like 148.

Back to the topic.

Cool moments of 2012 include the beautiful hybrid by 1519, 1983, and 181 in quarterfinal 2-1 on the Newton field. 5 balls scored in 3 seconds.

4334 pushing 148 back over the bridge at IRI.

118 and 1717 going head to head in Newton qual. 129 and tying 71 to 71!

Here you go:

I have to say that although I loved the archimedes Finals, there is no doubt in my mind that the Best match in 2012 was GTR-West Finals 1. The first time EVER that 1114 and 2056 were on opposite sides of the field competing for a title. Even better was 2056 got to beet the team they were made by and the team they almost always win with. 10 Regional wins together?! and now they are on opposite sides!? Like come on, that match and its history was amazing.

Here’s a link to that match, Please watch Karthik’s amazing/Perfect intro to it also.

Also, For my Personnel favourite event in 2012, would hands down be when we went undefeated in Smoky Mountains and won our Very First ever Regional. I couldn’t have been happier. Even better was us winning the final match with 234 dead on the field so 3259 and us were the only ones on our alliance. The moment we balanced on the bridge the whole alliance driver station went crazy :smiley:

I had some highs and lows this season but one really stands out. I had a week of vacation that I needed to take back in March. Event staff was begging Dottie and I to come up to Duluth for the regional. I surprise a lot of people here when I say I am going “up north” in the middle of winter. But we went and had a great time. If I had said no and stayed home I would have missed being present to congratulate Mike Whitman (1714 More Robotics) in person on his Regional Woodie Flowers Award. His students really wrote a great nomination and it was great to see his reaction and greet him on his way down to the field. If you have never Mike, please put him on your “must meet” list.

One match I notice a lot of people missing is the (literally) last second shot at the Mt. Olive District finals

You can’t see the actual shot, but you can see the score go up. Those finals were some of the best MAR matches in the season.

Also, on the topic of MAR, the level of excitement in the arena after the first triple balance at MAR Championships was huge.

In regards to IRI, the 133 point match was awesome.

Okay, I’ll give you that. A triple would have been much more difficult without a short bot (how short were they?). However, at an event like IRI, I think that they could have been just as successful by having a shooter in those last 30 seconds. There were still quite a few good shooters left. At that point in the match, there is a wide open field, making ball collection and shooting much easier. Although these are the best robots in the world, there is too much risk involved in the triple. I saw way too many teams get eliminated because they failed to triple balance.

Hypothetically, if both were left in the draft at that point, which would you think is the better pick for 2826 and 1114?

My favorite match was the battle of the human players at IRI. It was incredibly exciting to watch.

Hard to say. You can never know who 1114 is going to pick because they examine every aspect of performance to make a powerful alliance.

My guess would be 4334 because they make tripling much easier than 16 especially since there were 2 long bots already on the alliance. Plus 4334 had already been feeding 1114 in hybrid throughout Archimedes and on Einstein a few months before.

Just my guess.

The moments that really stand out in my mind as the best in Rebound Rumble:

GTR west Finals match 1
Lone Star Semis 1 match 2 (AKA 2415 scoring 67 points by themselves including a 6 ball auton)
IRI Quals Match with 624, 118, and 16.
Watching 16 wreck havoc in the Galileo Eliminations
Archimedes Finals
1114’s Chairman’s video
MSC Finals
MAR finals
1717 v 118 Newton Quals

Curie QF 4 1-3, 1986 1678 85 vs. 3528 1741 1477. The largest point difference in these 3 matches was 2.

I am also quite a big fan of 1986 and 1477. Kind of wish 1477 and 624 hadn’t been “stranded” in the Curie seeding, they could have done great things if they had teamed up for a third time. Lots of good things coming out of Texas lately.

I’d have to extend that to ‘stands out in my mind’ for all of FIRST history, ever.
That video is fantastic, and the team truly deserves their place in the Hall of Fame.

I generally agree with most of what has been said, but I want to add one more vote for Best Moment:

Week 2, Waterford District, Finals Match 1:

The Original Double Triple

67, 469, 2851: 85
3098, 573, 3601: 67

Sorry for the lack of a hybrid.

I have no problems with 16, in my mind they were a top team this year, and they have a world championship to for it. Now without talking about balancing, I still say 4334 is just a tad bit better of a feeder simple because of their speed and maneuverability, however 16 is definitely a tad bit better at not getting penalties (I’ve seen them get multiple penalties as opposed to not seeing 16 get any) Nonetheless, both are absolutely fantastic robots, and deserve to be recognized as such.

No offense, but did you just say that someone has better speed and maneuverability than 16?

That caught me off guard.

Ok so they’re both fast:D

Definitely a fun topic. But just putting it out there, that there is still a ton of Rebound Rumble yet to play. We are having 4 events, just in the MAR District this Fall. Who knows what else will happen! :slight_smile: