Best/Most Crucial "Climb By Yeet" Moments

Originally introduced by West Coast Products back in week 3, the “Climb By Yeet,” A.K.A ramped climb, or jump climb, quickly became an online sensation. Their fast, simple, and effective climb was widely viewed as the only practical way to climb to level 2, as discussed in “The Level 2 Trap

However, despite wide hype, the Climb by Yeet (CBY) was and is largely absent from match play. Twitch chats often go wild when a team attempts it, as if it is a novel concept.

My team does CBY and we often find that teams go crazy when we attempt it. I personally find it one of the most exiting things that can happen in comp. Sure, level 3 climb is fun, but it’s predictable. CBY can be done at any moment and often results in buzzer beater finishes.

So today I ask the CD community to help put together a list of the greatest Climb by Yeets. Have a buzzer beater? Post it. Have a game winner? Add that! What’s your team’s special formula to get it to work? Lets talk about it!

I will kick it off with my own team:

2412 CBY (Video)

We are rocking a 6 NEO, Ball Shifting, 8 AM Smooth Grip, Tank Drive set up that turned out to be particularly well suited for CBY by due to having the majority of our weight in the back half of the robot.


There currently isn’t a match video of it, but 5690 (SubZero Robotics) at Lake Superior, Finals 1. It’s on the FIRST Instagram page if you’re up for an internet scavenger hunt.

Basically, there was about 6 seconds left, and the performed a “Dukes of Hazard” AKA “Climb By Yeet” to HAB 2, and the ended up on their back bumper, and the bottom of the robot up against the driver station. Sadly, there was a DQ that round so their alliance lost, but they went onto win the next two and take it all!

This is BY FAR my favorite gameplay moment this season. So far, anyways :wink:


Here is the EngiNERDS (not my team) performing their CBY at FIM St Joe in week 2. A thing of beauty:

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In one of our matches at Miami Valley, we were paired with 5811 (BONDS) and 5667 (Digital Eagles). BONDS decided to attempt the CBY because we could Lv2 climb and if they got it we might get the extra RP. At the very end of the match they go for the climb and don’t make it. Digital Eagles proceeds to drive their robot at full speed into BONDS, pushing them onto Lv2. We ended up getting the RP, at the cost of Digital Eagles battery, which took the force of the impact. Here is the match video.


Here are some more from 2412:,,


San Francisco Q70:

254 & 5499 ram into level 2 while 604 falls when climbing to level 3. Blue loses by 1 point.


2337 is the OG, beating WCP by 2 weeks.


I think this is more of a numbers problem.

Climbing by yeeting the robot up and over is certainly the simplest and easiest to accomplish climb.

And that is exactly why it’s particularly attractive to rookie / less experienced teams. These teams have a tendency to be a few things:

  • Low to the ground
  • Heavy
  • Only level 1 hatches / cargo

So what we end up with are particularly heavy robots with a low center of gravity.

And unfortunately, robot yeeting is heavily dependant on having a higher center of gravity. Being able to pitch up extra far to clear your front wheels helps tremendously, and can result in a successful yeet without excess speed.

I’ve seen some teams keep their lift in the middle or top height in order to raise their CG. And more inexperienced teams are less likely to have a lift and also may not realize having their lift higher may help them.

Almost every match of 5638. Also, here is a meme I made from week 0

Also, I beg to differ that WCP was the originator. I first came across it just 6 days after kickoff when team 2337 absolutely sent it.


After we made sure their robot would survive the hit, we convinced 5762 to send it onto level 2 during QM39 at Guilford, and planned to have 3506 push them the rest of the way up if they could only get their front wheels up. Needless to say, I was excited to see them do it, after pausing a while to think about it.

And yes, the robot survived. And they continued to try to achieve that level 2 climb for many of their subsequent matches. They were so happy after that match, these are the moments I live for.

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There was a double CBY at SF Semifinal 2.

What is yeet?


For context, I could be wrong, but I think at this point in the regional, 254 knew they would be picked by 971 and were practicing level 2. That’s why they didn’t use their level 3.


6104 was the master of Climb By Yeet* in Israel. Despite not having any climbing mechanism other than a high CoG, they were one of the top HAB 2 climbers in the country (from my memory). They had a good number of buzzer-beaters in there too. I can’t wait to see them jumping at DCMP.

* or as I like to call them, Dukes of Hazard climbs



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After our release of the “yeet” idea to the world on January 12th, we’ve had so much fun doing it ever since. It is definitely a crowd pleaser!! Here is the EngiNERDs compilation from our week 0 event where we had a 100% success rate at getting lvl 2 climb by t=0. Enjoy!

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5929 was pretty good at it at Great Northern.
This match has a really good angle of one of their jumps -

Here is the clip of our climb!


I cannot express how grateful I am for this