Best / Most Memorable Handouts at FRC Events

We were cleaning up and organizing a bit before our event this week and I came across a handout from a few years back and had a good laugh (again).

So I’m curious as to what your best or most memorable hanout/giveaway from an FRC team has been.

To start it off, set your way-back machine to 2016 and FIRST STRONGHOLD. This was the New York Tech Valley Regional, and Team 359 @waialua359 had come to play. They gave all the teams the following:

I still laugh every time we run across it in the shop - and one of our mentors mentioned he still had his and used it on his car this morning.


The 3132 Koalas.

I’ve got so many of them. We used to put them on the bot in between matches, on our safety glasses and name tags. Post world’s I would go back and put one on each of the medals from that year. (See the picture of my Christmas tree a few years back)

Good times.


Wonder if they brought these to Canada this year? Guess Glenn heard how bad the snow was during the 2014 TVR😂

I have had some interesting handouts in 2016/2018/2019 from Turkish teams.

2016 were some chocolate candies. 2017 was Turkish delights and in 2019 the Turkish team left me a 5 or 10 pound box of Turkish delights.

Edit: just remembered in 2017 one of the Turkish teams gave us a fidget spinner. Think it was the first time me or any of my students had seen em, before they really blew up that summer.


118 handing out vinyl records with all the top FRC hits!


We have no Idea when or where we got it but my team found one of these with our number on it while deep cleaning a storage room, I think either that same night or the next we hung it in our trophy case.


Back in 2004 we had Sharpie markers made with our team logo. It is my favorite giveaway ever. I think the last one I had just died a few weeks ago.


In 2017 we went to an off season event and one of the teams was handing out a mixtape. They said required the safety captain to be present to listen to, because it was so fire.

We listened to it on the way back and it started off with the entirety of the fitnessgram pacer test. We might still have that CD floating around somewhere, im not sure


For the past couple years weve been 3d printed hdmi to garden hose adapters in our team colors branded with our number lol

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It’s nice to see folks still making use of it! We hear it from time to time, from others who got one from us.
2014 and 2016 Duluth regional events were THE coldest events we ever attended. One of those years had -13 degree weather at night.:cold_face: