Best NE District Championship Robot Nicknames

As the organizer for Team 2877’s pit scouting this year, I had the opportunity to talk with many of the teams at the New England District Championship this year and ask them questions about their robots. By far the most interesting of these questions, however, was the one I always started with: Does your robot have a nickname?

Typically, most robots did, but the names varied from formal to silly to not being agreed upon by the team’s different members. There were, however, names which stood out above the rest as being particularly well-thought out and meaningful.

Here are some arbitrary highlights:

Most Fitting: Fezzik, Team 1729 (Team Inconceivable!)

Most Cool: Escape Velocity, Team 125 (NUTRONs)

Best Pun: Buzzweiser, Team 175 (Buzz Robotics)

Most Perplexing: Kovaka, Team 88 (TJ Squared)

Most Unique: Mr. Adorkable, Team 230 (Gaelhawks)

Most Random: Goatnado, Team 5813 (Morpheus)

Most Ironic: Low Expectations, Team 1058 (PVC Pirates)

Best Overall: Golden Malicious, Team 2067 (Apple Pi)

Here are all of the various robot names:

78 AIR STIRKE - Striker Mk. XVII
88 TJ Squared - Jean Michael Vincent
95 Grasshoppers - Kovaka
125 NUTRONs - Escape Velocity
126 Gael Force - (no name provided)
133 B.E.R.T. - Stein
155 Technonuts - Nutty 16
166 Chop Shop - Hyperion
172 Northern Force - Sir Gary
175 Buzz Robotics - Sir Buzz-a-lot/Buzzweiser
176 Aces High - El Diablo
177 Bobcat Robotics - Bobcat
181 Birds of Prey - Chair-iot
195 CyberKnights - Knight Fury
228 GUS Robotics - General Lee
230 Gaelhawks - Talon XVII/Mr. Adorkable
238 Cruisin’ Crusaders - Tumbler
246 Overclocked - Hungry Hippo
319 Big Bad Bob - Bob
467 The Colonials - Mongoose
558 Elm City Robo Squad - Brick
811 Cardinals - Sir Lance-a-Bot
839 Rosie Robotics - Rosie 15.0
885 THE GREEN TEAM - Rugburn
999 MechaRAMS - Potion Sellah
1058 PVC Pirates - Low Expectations
1099 DiscoTechs - Purge
1100 The T-Hawks - Norbert
1124 UberBots - Cinnamon
1153 Robo-Rebels - Minuteman
1277 The Robotomies - Black Knight
1512 The Metal Vidsters - Spider
1519 Mechanical Mayhem - Lady Launch-a-Lot
1699 Robocats - Flipsy McAngleBrick
1729 Team Inconceivable! - Fezzik
1735 Green Reapers - Defense 11.1
1768 Robo Chiefs - Whiplash
1831 Screaming Eagles - Little Sweeper
2064 The Panther Project - Hush Puppy
2067 Apple Pi - Golden Malicious
2084 Robots by the C - C Monster
2168 Aluminum Falcons - Jimmy Talon
2370 iBots - Frankentank
2648 Infinite Loop - Jetstream
2876 Devilbotz - Chivalry
2877 LigerBots - Talos
3461 Operation PEACCE Robotics - Mechanical Rabbit
3467 Windham Windup - Mantis
4048 Redshift - Lepus Interfector
4055 NRG4055 - One-Armed Bandit
4176 Iron Tigers - Murphy
4557 Fullmetal Falcons - X-Calibtr
4564 Orange Chaos - Windsor
4761 The Robockets - Momentum
4905 Andromeda One - Merlin
4909 Bionics - June
5563 Phalanx - Parfait
5686 Wirecats - Scratch
5687 The Outliers - Christine
5813 Morpheus - Goatnado
5846 Southcoast Corsairs - Corbot
5962 perSEVERE - Scorpio
6153 Blue Crew - Concussion Protocol

Feel free to reply with any interesting or amusing robot nicknames you have seen or heard throughout the season. I’m curious to hear what else people have come up with, and if any of them are actually even better than Golden Malicious.

edit: Added name for 4909. My condolences.
Fixed spelling on 4557.

4909 robot’s nickname is June. Named after a team member’s grandmother who passed away during the season.

That’s a really great way to remember her. I’m sorry for your loss.

I’d like to complain about this one: we decided on the British spelling for it:

How does one add robot names to TBA?

One of the cool things about our robot’s name, Knight Fury, is we found a band with the same name who has a song called “Battle For The Castle.” Also, the “Fury” can be related to the tank in the movie Fury, since our bot was built and looks somewhat like a tank.

Sad we never got the graphics on the robot proper, did work up a fittingly 118 style logo for the name :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to log into your TIMS or STIMS account from your team login. I can never remember which one it is… I’m sure someone will see this later and say which it is.

Ah, Okay. I was looking for a way to import a big list of robot names. Sort of like they do for videos.

TBA scrapes robot names from TIMS daily. Update it there, and it should propagate on TBA in 24-48 hours.

You can get a team’s robot names via the TBA API, if that helps at all

Thanks for the mention, but we think of the name as not being random. :stuck_out_tongue: The “Goat” part comes from the fact that the robot looks like a goat jumping when it crosses the moat. The “nado” comes from the fact that our programmer calls our intake arm the swagnado because the mecanum wheels intake the ball like a tornado. The name is also a reference to Sharknado. :P:yikes:

For team 95, Kovaka is named after Dave Kovaka, a coach on team 95 who passed away after a battle with cancer in 2015. He was a really great guy, and we were all heart broken when he passed. Naming the robot after him was really too small a gesture, but it was something we wanted to do.

NEDC qualifying performance not withstanding, Kovaka turned out to be a really great robot. I suspect we’ll keep him running for a while yet.

5712 DreamCrusher 2.0

I think we have to give some props to 181 for their name/mechanism combo.