Best of the Best

::confused: Which team has the best chance of wining and why?:cool:

Only thing to Fear is Fear itself.-FDR

The wise bet here is not to pass judgment until we see Wk 1 regionals, however, it can be safely assumed that the perennial powerhouses (1114, 111, 254, 2056, 1503, 25, [strike]47[/strike] 51, 148, 217 to name a few) will put forward a strong entry once again.

I think this game is right up 118’s alley.

I actually think that this year we will see teams in the 2000’s emerge as power house teams. The low 2000’s have a couple years experience now. The game seems very heavy on strategy with the new rankings, and strategy is something anyone can be good at, given enough time to study.



There could be some merit to this statement (low 2000 teams were rookies in 2007).

Course, theres 2056, who’ve shown us all they’re a powerhouse from the get go.

2056 is poised to set a record, come Waterloo Regional. They’ve won 6 out of 6 regionals they’ve competed in, and won IRI in their rookie year. HUGE accomplishments. Can they go 7 for 7 and 8 for 8 at Waterloo and GTR this year, and go 4 time defending champs at both? We’ll have to wait and see.

You sound like Michael Kay (New York Yankees announcer who doesn’t believe in jinxes). Well I hope they can do it, as it would be an amazing feat.

Of course I meant teams other than 2056 too.

:cool: My team 2389 will definitly be in the top this year.:cool:

Only thing to Fear is Fear itself.-FDR

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard my own team say something to this effect.

I wish you luck, but never underestimate the power of other teams. They will think of everything you didn’t. What decides who wins and loses is largely the strategizing at competition, and to a lesser extent the robots themselves. I recall many times people on here and at competitions remarking how often the best offense, is a good defense. There have been some teams who are consistently good at defense, even if they are lacking in other areas, and they can often shut down a really good scoring robot.

Every year I see at least one robot that makes me go: “wow, that’s so elegant and simple, why didn’t I think of that?”

Jordan, Confidence is good, but we are not ensured going to the top.
You never know how it will turn out. Tone it down a little.

I have to agree with this. Usually half of the robots at competition are capable of winning given the optimal alliance and game play for their team. The problem is in setting up such an alliance.

Scouting wins matches.

Relationships with other teams wins matches.

Knowing your opponents, and knowing how other teams can help you is a key to being the best.

25 and 103 as a team ruled NJ and even other regionals for a few years now. From an external observers point of view, their relationship was solid. Sure they were great robots, but teamwork is always what wins.

Agreed folks…week 1 is where its at.

Yeah, I cannot wait until we get the robots out on the field and start playing.

This conversation, no matter when or where it’s held, presumes by its title that “Best of the Best” means on field wins. I love trophies and banners too (and I read “Looking Forward” posts whenever I can), but perhaps we can have this conversation someday and it will list inspired graduates of a team, where they are going to school, what jobs they have, and how they are making their community and world a better place. In FIRST is there any other way to judge “best teams,” really?

:cool: I agree the *Best of the Best *is the ones who keep challenging each other to make the world a better place.:cool:

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Last year we had a rookie on Einstien, so it’s not really out of the question that a 2000’s team can be a powerhouse.

I don’t really see what we have to go on for this thread other than listing the teams everyone knows well due to their past success that will likely lead them to future similar success.

Though I do wonder what elements of success used by veteran teams in other games will be applied to this one. Will 25 have their trademark drivetrain? Will 233 have a variant on their ubiquitous telescoping jointed arm? Will 1771 really suck? (As in air, like in 2008)

I think if there’s a year for a 2000 level team to dominate, it’s this one. I think the distribution of regional wins this year between the three “blocks” (0000 / 1000 / 2000) will be pretty much even.

I will say that our 2010 robot has very few completely “new” concepts on it. It is comprised almost entirely of variants of systems we’ve built and learned from since 2003.

That being said, some of the systems have had some pretty cool updates.

Hey. You calm down. He is trying to get pumped. It sounds like your talking to someone who has never been in a frc. You are a first year, you dont understand that the enviroment is like chuckie cheeses. There is a sense of competitivity but it is mostly people having fun with strangers and not being ashamed. The seriousness is only for the teams who are currently competeing and building. Loosen up and stop acting like we are trying to win a million dollars. We are not in it to win it. We are in it to get the experiance, have fun, and meet new people. The compitition is just extra. So get some team spirit and dont hold it back, and never tell someone else to “Tone it down alittle”, especially if they are on your own team.

It’s pretty funny that you brought these teams up, I was actually asking those questions to myself the other day.

In 25’s case, I totally see them doing extremely well. I really would like to see them bring back a level of Dominance like they had in 2006.

And I really hope that 233’s robot has some sort of telescoping arm on it… And I hope they bring the Pink back too.