Best omnidirectional drive trains in FIRST history

I’ve been researching some omnidirectional drive trains, on many teams, but as far as far as pictures go, you can only tell so much.

So, Chief Delphi, what robots in FIRST history do you think have had the best omnidirectional drive? “Best”, meaning most maneuverable, fastest, most torque, etc.


edit: Sorry I wasn’t so clear. I was hoping for examples of robots from the past/present/future with the best omnidirectional drives fitting the description above. Videos and pics are appreciated.

Swerve. Hands down.

[Citation Needed] Please explain why this system is best in your mind.

Bomb Squad’s (16) swerve drive. It continually amazes me year after year. It is fast, maneuverable, and makes any defense look silly. Our team is even considering prototyping a swerve drive after seeing them at IRI.

Any specific year? Can you provide a video? We’re also thinking of implementing a swerve drive in the near future.

I’d also love to see a year and video please. :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought 71 in 2006 was great with their system. 2008 comes close too.

Year after year their 3-wheel swerve amazes me, but I have to say that 2011 was one of the most impressive.

As for 2008, I love 148 and 118’s drives. And of course 1114, for just being amazingly fast, although not omnidirectional.

I guess for a lot of you, robots from 2004 are old. However I thought Team 180, SPAM’s omnidirectional chassis and Team 1083, Emoticon’s omnidirectional chassis were pretty cool.

As far as swerve there are way too many teams that have mastered it over the years. It’s very hard to name just one.

To my knowledge, the only drive systems that have won Einstein that weren’t tank drive were:

-67 in 2005 (swerve of unknown particulars)
-148 in 2008 (coaxial swerve)

If someone remembers one I’ve missed, I’m all ears.

Tumbleweed (148’s 2008 robot)

118’s 2008 robot

My personal favorite is 1625’s 2010 6-wheel swerve. It offers a lot of versatility in terms of being able to function as a 6-wheel tank drive, and as a traditional swerve drive. They were the captains of the Galileo-winning alliance, so, interpret results as you will.

6-Wheel Swerve!

8 wheel swerve

111 - 2003

I cannot help but give my vote to 1717 the D’Penguineers and their 2011 swerve drive. I have seen many swerve drives, in both digital media and in person, and the D’Penguineers have undoubtedly (this being subjective, of course) set the new standard in Coaxial Swerve drive-trains. Here is a link to a video of them in competition, which is definitely worth a watch, ideally in HD. It’s almost unbelievable how naturally and smoothly it drives.

Well, good luck on whatever you do build!

And 2009.

2009-Beachbots’ sorta crab system is one of my favorites.

I believe the answer to my question lies in the swerve drive of 1717. Not only was that extremely fast and maneuverable, but it was some of the smoothest driving I’ve seen to date, even giving the Cheesy Poofs a run for their money this year! Anyone have any specs on that drive train?

111 didn’t have an omnidirectional drive in 2006.

I would like to see an 8 wheel swerve. Does 233 have something that they are prototyping in their labs for next year?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha sorry, I just went back and watched the videos, I was thinking of 71 the whole time.

I like 2010 Winnovations 6 Wheel Coaxial swerve. We were on their alliance 2010 at Greater Kansas City, and the next time I saw their robot they were competing on Einstein. Another close hit would be Team 16 Bomb Squads 3 wheel swerve.