Best Pit Layout

Pits. One of the most crucial places for an fRC team. Pits can be overly crowded, or somehow bigger on the inside. They can be ugly or beautiful.

What are some of your favorite pits that you have ever seen?

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148’s pit and 973’s super pit are definitely up there as some of the best ever. However, I will always believe that this pit is the best to ever exist.


This is a great pit design, based off of 973’s super pit with just a few more bells and whiles ^


I may be a bit biased, but I believe that CSP (FRC Team 4188) has a great Pit layout and design. They use their 5S program as their approach to tackling the hassle that can be the pit and people have said that when they step into their pit, the design has made it seem much bigger than just 10’x10’


For us (#6911) it was definitely helpful to have a pit where we could test our lift inside, because we were still tuning lift preset heights at competitions. We also had a monitor display that streamed matches from Twitch, which seemed to draw people from other teams over to our pit (and allowed us to display our skills at defense before alliance selections at our other regional).

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The most functional pit 3946 had up to that point:

We actually had six students working effectively in the pit at the same time - three standing working on the robot, two laying on the floor working on the bottom of the robot, and one getting tools and parts (esp. for the ones on the floor).
It was shortly after this that 3946 went to a lightweight canopy frame to support some graphics, and about as much “furniture” as you see here. It helps to have a big trailer and store “what if” stock and COTS parts and oddball tools on site.

In pit design, as in so much:

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