Best Pit You've Seen

Hey everyone out there on CD…I was wondering what’s the best pit designs/setups you’ve seen this year? (Excluding your own) If you have a picture attach it as well, I’d love to see some of the other pits out there, I’ve really only got to see the ones in Canada.

If I were to Judge…

Overall Best - 503 (Frog Force) - It’s really cool looking and it’s functional. It even has track lighting! They had a display area with buttons and give away’s, and all of the tools were all nice and organized.

Most organized - 217 (Thunderchickens) - All the tools always looked all neat and organized and put away, and their battery charging area looked organized as well. And as an added bonus they had some neat little machines.

Most Noticable - 365 (MOE) - That great big neon green tower is difficult to miss.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures, maybe somebody from one of those teams does.

i personally like 503’s pit. it is so cool i could hang out there all day. it helps that the people on the frog force are really nice.

thanks for testing that victor out for me at the Detroit regional.

Team 87 cause its just cool
103 it is so clean and nice
357 The video and all the Pics are cool, and the streamers are awesome to
341, its Miss. Daisy thats all i can say.

There are more and I will think of them later.

I love MOE’s pit, just because of their tower.

341, 173, 365, and 93. :slight_smile:

Team Fusion and the CyberWolves.

Any FIRST pit is my favorite because that means I’m enjoying a FIRST competition so I’m just plain happy anyways.

Not only “clean and nice”, but they pack up very quickly. Both nights at Philly, shortly after the end of the Award Ceremonies, I went back to congratulate them on how well their team performed and they were gone. While all other teams were just wishing they could answer the dinner bell, the Cybersonics were. No nonsense, no wasted moves, just get it done and move along.

103, loved your robot at Philly. I scouted you on Friday and it was a breeze as always. "Got a tetra, stacked a tetra, got a tetra, stacked a tetra, got a tetra, stacked a tetra . . . ". If I get to scout you at Championships, with your consistency, I probably can catch a much needed nap. :smiley:

Good Luck in Atlanta!

I would have to say the best looking Pit I have seen has been…:::drum rolling::::


I just love the way they have their pit setup with sky lighting, videos playing, and a rotating Dominion sign. Way to show your sponsors!

Also, if you’re a team sporting a Canadian flag, that’s awesome too!


356 - MOE’s huge tower (and every tool imaginable)

357 - Nice set up with the computer/tv, etc.

341 - Come on, the flowers…


I have only been to GTR and Waterloo.

I think the best looking pit is…
Team 48 Delphi ELITE


I think that I would have to say the best looking pit is 773 Kingsville Kukes. They have this cool rotating Kukes sign and a wall of shelves. They even have a cuby set up like a coat rack!

Perhaps I am simply jealous because our coat rack is a turquoise tupperware container.

I liked MOE’s pit, it’s awfully…green!

When you get a chance you should stop by team 45 (Technokats) and team 111 (Wildstang) pit. They are very organized, including tools and parts of the robot. A lot of displays are around the pit. All the things are labeled. I went over to their pit at Midwest last year and it was just amazing to see how every single pit member knew where exactly their parts are.

I like 1284 DART robotics they have a unique pit very well organize as good as you can be in robotics

i forget the team number right now but @ palmetto their was a team w/ another level basically…it was interesting to watch them put it up then they had to lawn chairs up there… we were thinking we all should do that and put a jacuzzi up there to relax between matches :stuck_out_tongue:

343, 342 always are neat too and love the great balloon up with 343 is always fun.

Thankyou, we spent a good part of 3 weeks working on it and it turned out just the way we wanted. It was a pain in the but to lug around but it was worth it. We hope to see all the other pits in ATLANTA and come by and stop in and check us out.

I really like 103’s pit, and 272 had an awesome theme. so does 87.
and I [heart] the tower in 365’s pit, like everyone else.

Teams 1024 (Kil-a-bytes), 111 (Wildstang), and 45 (Technokats) all have, not only great organizational skills, but also smashing color schemes that carry through to their robots and team shirts. I don’t remember the number, but a team called Frost-Byte had a very cool (no pun intended) display around their pit made out of styrofoam coolers that had been bonded together in the shape of an arch.