Best Pits?

My freshman year in Stronghold I had the blessing of seeing a truly beautiful pit: Eagle Imperium’s. Personally I’m a favorite of The Flying Toasters this year.

I think it’s crazy how good looking these teams can make them, and was wondering what some of your favorites are? if you can find pictures, that would be great! :smiley:


That pit is pretty dope.

Also, 254, 3309 and plenty of others are sweet.

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This picture doesn’t do it justice but 1218’s pit is great. It looks like a showroom with their robot in the center.

254 and 1323 have great looking pits. They’re very functional and are lit very well.

973’s Original Super Pit

I’m partial to 701’s new custom pit setup. Not really sure of the official name but I’m in awe every time a photo rolls around.

It’s based on or at least inspired by 973’s Super Pit directly or transitively, just like 1678’s is based on theirs.

I’d have to pick 973’s pit for functionality and mobility, but my love rests with Friarbots (3309)'s pit. The version of it that I found looks appropriate for hosting a revolutionary never-before-seen VR setup.


Yeah we used the same dimensions that 1678 used on theirs. Ultimately it’s a combo of 1678s and 1323s pit (we love having a mini fridge in the pit). It worked great at Arkansas and it’ll be roller out again this weekend.

3309s awesome truss is my favorite. I might be biased because they lets us tie our rope to it and climb multiple times last season. Not to mention they had a boiler we used aswell. Who needs a practice field when you got some friends with a cool pit.

4451’s pit is the pit I aspire to someday. Absolutely gorgeous, and completely functional. Everything fits on the cart or behind the curtain in the back. And it has a ceiling fan.

Don’t have a picture, but 148’s pit for Einstein was pretty awesome in 2016. Super similar to 973’s.

Last year at OC, we had either you guys or another team climb on our truss and we taped up our “Safety FIRST, Get on Snap” flyers to the underside of the robot for our Snap Story.

Good times w/ Circuit of Life :smiley:

A better photo can be found here:
Definitely one of my favorite pits.

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Not the best picture but it was a great offseason project for our teams.

The displays are dope. What information do you use them for?

The best pit I’ve seen in all my travels.

Power points about our teams, match schedules, sponsor info and we were able to stream live matches at the Great Northern.

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I would love to have the best pit, we are working on a new set-up now. A gracious community member is laying it out for us. Where do most teams get the truss’s they use?

I may have a tad bit of favoritism but, we at 4557 really tried to make our pit interactive and good looking. We featured in our pit a custom built Arcade Machine with a game made from scratch (wow mild pun) and we also have a button exchange machine made of complete legos! You put a pin in the top, it rolls down into a small basket made of legos, a sensor tells if a pin rolls down and then you get one of our pins! Attached is the only image I could find on our Flickr Page. You will be able to check it out at NE District Championship! Don’t forget to stop by and play our game!

The person on our team in charge of working on the pit this year was so disappointed we did not win Imagery at both Waterbury and Southern CT events but, instead we won EI and Chairman’s instead (None of us were expecting our first blue banner! Thank you to all the teams that helped us achieve it!)