Best Pits?

Our friends the Average Joes #3620 were kind enough to award us (#5675) with the best pit award at West Michigan.


Yeah, yeah… anyone can create a great pit when they can just throw a bunch of toolboxes into a trailer and drive to the event. I mean, why not bring an anvil, too? (Although clearly some teams do put a bit more creativity, attention to detail and ingenuity into it than others.)

Let’s see the best airborne pits! That’s the real challenge… how do you create a great pit when it’s got to fit in a suitcase and you are paying for every pound??


Sounds like you need to find a nice Air Freight sponsor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that’s definitely one solution… in fact FIRST does have a nice Air Freight sponsor in FedEx. Back in the day we could ship a hundred pounds or more of pit and tool stuff in our robot crate. The rules have changed a bit, though and teams are now asked to pack only the robots, bumpers and batteries in the crate.

I really don’t care how the airborne team got their stuff to the event… and I’m very grateful that teams who can drive to an event will often be delighted to share some of the heavy tools with teams who cannot… but it takes an extra level of clever and effort to make a nice pit on the opposite side of the continent (or planet) than it does when you’ve got a mere 7 or 8 hour drive!


A lot of times it’s easier to just buy things like shelves locally near the event than to try to fly or ship them.

Agreed! I’m not so much concerned about how the team solves the problem… we used to ship connector pieces in our crate then purchase 2x4 lumber at the event to construct the pit, and then donate the lumber to a team who had a trailer. Sometimes it is even cheaper to purchase disposable tools. Flying to a MATE competition in Michigan one year we needed an air compressor… we did the math and it was cheaper to buy a small compressor at Home Depot and give it away at the end of the event than it was to ship one. (The woman at the hotel who let us practice in the pool until 4:00am had always wanted a small air compressor… it was a nice “thank you” gift to leave with her on our way out.)

It’s just that as impressive as the “we rolled it in off a trailer” pits can be, it’s even more impressive when a team can achieve a good looking pit when they are far away from home. I remember being impressed by 1334’s pit in Calgary in 2013… they did a nice job of fitting it all into their robot crate. Now I’m looking for more good ideas for teams who like to (have to!) fly.


Thanks, Jason. I designed that pit when I was with 1334. It’s all ham radio antenna tube. Complete plans should be posted soon on my new team’s website About 10 teams now have a very similar pit. In the meantime I’m happy to email plans to anyone who wants them.

We still have a write-up to do for ours but we’ve gotten a lot of positive comments about it.

We’re standing on the shoulders of 1678 in many ways - who our own students drew a lot of inspiration from.

Along with that, a big THANK YOU and shout out to US Case - they worked with us on these two amazing cases for nearly 7 months to get the design just right. Truly a great company and we’re so happy to have them so close to us.

This! :slight_smile:

We introduced our new Super Pit we built over the summer, Based of 973’s, into the FTC world this year, and have had nothing but awesome feedback from the community. Learned a couple things in the first season, and working to fix them for the next! Its so nice being able to be set up within 10 minutes. The students absolute love having it, as its easy to find what you need, since we use it in the workshop as well!

(I don’t have any “At Event” pictures)
(Collapsed picture is old, missing shelves…)

This should be even more challenging now that you are only supposed to put the robot, batteries, and bumpers into the crate, for championships.

One of my fond memories from my rookie year (on 1726) was when we were waiting for our red toolbox at the baggage claim in Atlanta. It rolled down onto the carousel and all of the drawers opened up in the process.

I present our Tiki Hut Pit…

Easy flight ready pit… minimal costs, multiple configurations, easy repairs…

We have had several iterations of the traveling tiki hut and all have been a breeze to build, decorate and install.

I can post more pictures to other iterations if you like, let me know.



I am personally impartial to our pit this year, one of my teammates put a lot of work into it over the summer and it turned out great!

This is actually really clean! The polished tool chests and battery cart look awesome!

1891 Bullbots has an amazing pit that is completely outlined with RGB LEDs