Best place to get double solenoids?

We are trying to make our order for double solenoids, and the new ones from AndyMark have too few in stock to fill our order. We would like to get ones that are similar in function to the FESTO or CKD, but not with the same small fittings that won’t stay in. Does anyone have any suggestions?

We use SMC solenoids purchased through Vex. We like that everything is in one place and the manifold aids in mounting.

Automationdirect has industrial solenoids that a lot of teams use and you can get them for free if you use the voucher in the KOP. And ADC ships 2-day via Fed-ex.!/!/)

These are probably larger than what you are used to, so note the size and weight before ordering.

Would this be an appropriate solenoid to use in FRC? I’m sorry for asking about this, but we want to make sure before we buy it.

They also require the use of a secondary pressure release valve, per R76 and R77-D.

Apologies for the delayed response … yes they would be appropriate, but see Joe’s comment …

We’ve used SMC and the Automation Direct solenoids (or a variant of that type anyway). Both work well but the question is what do you need. The SMC are small/light and more expensive (you can also buy from Vex Pro). The Automation Direct solenoids are significantly larger & heavier but cheaper. The Automation Direct solenoids also have significantly higher flow rates (I think CV is the measurement unit) which is useful for catapults.

You also have the option of a 2 position single acting solenoid. The difference being that the valve has a normally closed/open configuration which moves to the default position unless power is being supplied to the solenoid. The awesome benefit of using this type of solenoid is that at the end of the match when your robot powers off, the solenoid does as well and will return to the default position. So it you have an intake that uses one, it would lift back up at the end of the match. If you use it on a climber mechanism, you don’t have to rely on pushing a button to trigger the climb, you just have to get it hooked on before the buzzer.

Robochair brings up a good point. Many of the kids on our team though a double-acting cylinders require a double solenoid valves, when a single solenoid/spring return valve will work fine.

Be careful with this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it become an issue at a competition, but in the event of E-Stop, you want your robot to stop. With single solenoids, a disable or E-Stop can result in another movement, which can potentially result in a more dangerous situation. We only use single solenoids for smaller, more enclosed cylinders. Preferring to have arms etc on a double solenoid.

All our intake arms in 2014 were set up this way, but you are correct in that caution should be applied based on the energy potential of a given mechanism.

You’ve had good luck with the VEX manifolds (base stations)? They look like a very convenient solution.