Best practice for cantilevered motor

Having some qualms and mixed opinions about mounting a NEO cantilevered onto our shooter plates. One NEO with a 8mm to 1/2" hex adapter drives one axle of shooter wheels with a 1:2 upduction with GT2 belts and pulleys. My initial thoughts were that with the bearing so close to the motor shaft base, and combined with the outrunner motor design, that it should be okay. But, I’m being led to believe that cantilevering these motors without a gearbox is poor practice from my peers. Any anecdotal evidence from teams? Or even a past thread? Most I’ve searched have been about direct driving where I assume the forces involved are different.

Could you post a picture just for clarity?

That being said, from what you described, it looks like the only radial force on the motor shaft is just the tension of the timing belt. Assuming that belt is not overtensioned, that seems well within what the motor was designed to handle. You may want to consider supporting the end of the motor shaft if you have the pulley way out near the end, but if this is the simple case of the motor being bolted to a mounting plate and having the pulley relatively close to the motor face plate, you should be more than fine.

Things get bad when you start adding more radial load than just a gear/pulley/belt, which may be what you’re seeing in past threads. Having shooter wheels directly on the motor with a hex adapter, for example, would worry me.


Sure thing. You’re correct in the only radial loads being belt tension.

Should be perfectly fine. We (and I’m sure many many others) have nearly an identical setup.