Best practices for asking for help regarding your robot code

One thing I’ve noticed is that the formatting of straight copy-pasted robot code is pretty awful on the new CD. This is a sort of PSA thread to encourage teams to share their code using other means.

If you are on GitHub (everyone should use version control!) and your repository is public, a link to your buggy code is much better. Or if you keep your code private during the season, you can use Gists ( to post snippets.

It makes it a lot easier to follow for people trying to help. Feel free to add on if you have other suggestions about best practices to follow.


Agreed! I see many people directly copying and pasting code in plaintext on CD, and frankly, the formatting looks terrible and you can barely tell what the code is supposed to do. I agree that for long pieces of code, it is best to just post a GitHub link or use a gist, however I think for reasonably short snippets CD’s markdown formatting is good enough.

People really need to learn how to use inline code formatting and

code blocks with "syntax highlighting";

CD seems to use GitHub-flavoured markdown for its formatting. For anyone interested, here’s a really nice guide on how to use it.


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