Best Practices for Pairing Motors On a Single Speed Controller

With the 2020 R32 rules allowing for multiple BAG motors to be run off of a single speed controller, I anticipate we’ll see a lot more teams taking advantage of being able to pair motors. Have the teams that have previously done this chime in with some best practices for wiring and operating multiple motors together?

Haven’t done this specific thing myself, but is there a reason not to use 3-pole lever nuts for the job? I’ve done that with Fight Night robots and it’s totally fine, and the ones AndyMark sells* are rated for 32A. As long as you don’t put them on a 40A breaker (and I imagine most people have bigger priorities for those breaker slots), boom done.

*obligatory “I used to work for AndyMark” disclosure here


Perhaps a little overkill, but if you really like Powerpoles, there is this:

One key when operating multiple motors together is you need to mechanically couple them if you want them to be synchronized.

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If you use the 45A Powerpole crimps, You should be able to crimp 2 14Ga wires in a singe crimp. It would probably also crimp 2 12GA wires, if you needed to.

And if you really want 40A power go pick up some 221-613 lever nuts which are rated to 41A. We had the best luck with Future Electronics when picking up some 612 nuts for this season. Shipping was quick, under $10, and still beat out the price the local distributor I called was selling them for with me driving across town to get them.

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