Best Program by Age

Now for a discussion of the best PROGRAM by age… here we go:

Things to take into account: Rookie Inspiration/All-Star, Woodie Flower Awards, Entrepreneurship, Engineering Inspiration, Chairman’s Award.

Remember: this discussion is more subjective than the last and people can include general information about the programs which makes their accomplishments more outstanding. This is a good chance for people to learn about what all the teams have done, and are currently doing with their FIRST Robotics programs to make the world a better place.


While I think some will be relatively obvious (and some years clearly very difficult) I’m not going to fill in anything right now and we’ll see what the masses have to say.


ps. Remember that the discussion for the team that’s been building the best ROBOTS hasn’t ended yet either

I nominate 365 for 2000. In the Robot thread, the major debate for 2000 was between 469, 341, 343 and 365. Shifting the focus of the stats to the Program, it looks like this.

Championship Winner x1
Championship Finalist x1
Division Winner x2
Division Finalist x2
Regional/District Winner x7
Regional Finalist x3
Regional Engineering Award x12
+Regional Sportsmanship Award x2
*Regional Woodie Flowers x2

*Championship Engineering Inspiration x1
Division Winner x1
*Championship Entrepreneurship x2
Championship Judge’s Award x1
+Championship Sportsmanship x1
*Regional Chairman’s x5
Regional Winner x5
*Regional Engineering Inspiration x3
Regional Engineering Award x1
*Regional Woodie Flowers x2
Regional Judge’s Award x2
*Regional Entrepreneurship x2
+Regional Spirit x3
+Regional Sportsmanship x1
Regional Website x4

Championship Finalist x1
Division Winner x1
Division Finalist x2
*Championship Engineering Inspiration x1
*Championship Entrepreneurship x1
Regional Winner x7
*Regional Chairman’s x2
Regional Finalist x2
Regional Engineering Award x12
*Regional Engineering Inspiration x1
Regional Autodesk x2
*Regional Entrepreneurship x3
+Regional Judge’s Award x1

Championship Winner x1
*Championship Chairman’s x1 (plus 1 Honorable Mention #1)
Championship Engineering Award x1
Championship Entrepreneurship x1 – I missed this on the other thread, sorry!
Division Champion x1
Division Finalist x2
*Championship Engineering Inspiration x1
+Championship Imagery Award x2
Regional Winner x5
*Regional Chairman’s x4
Regional Finalist x3
Regional Engineering Award x5
*Regional GP x3
*Regional Woodie Flowers x3
*Regional Entrepreneurship x2
Regional Judge’s Award x1
+Regional Sportsmanship x2
+Regional Spirit x2
+Regional Imagery Award x5
Regional Website x4

469: x0
341: Regional x5
343: Regional x2
365: Championship x1 (and x1 Honorable Mention #1)
365: Regional x4

Engineering Inspiration
469: x0
341: Championship x1
341: Regional x3
343: Championship x1
343: Regional x1
365: Championship x1
Woodie Flowers
469: Regional x2
341: Regional x2
343: x0
365: Regional x3
469: x0
341: Championship x1
341: Regional x2
343: Championship x1
343: Regional x3
364: Championship x1
365: Regional x2

469: Regional Sportsman x2
341: Championship Sportsmanship x1
341: Regional Sportsmanship x1
341: Regional Spirit x3
365: Championship Imagery x2
365: Regional Imagery x5
365: Regional GP x3
365: Regional Sportsmanship x2
365: Regional Spirit x2

  • Indicates what you’ve indicated should be considered.
  • Indicates what else I feel is relevant (to the program, not the robots).
    Accurate to the best of my ability, sans 2000 for all teams.

Nominating 987 for 2002. Beyond sheer robot performance (which got them the slot in the robot threat), they’ve one multiple WFFA’s and RCA’s, as well as many design and other awards.