Best Quadrature Encoder for CIMs

My team is looking to buy some quad encoders for cims and were wondering what some of the better options out there are


Greyhill encoders have been used for many years in FIRST. There are also a number of encoders available from other vendors as well that make using them with some of the standard shaft types easier (1/2in hex, 3/8 hex, etc).

REV’s version of this type of encoder is the Through Bore Encoder. A beta of these were run by a few teams in the Dallas area with success last season.

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I am partial to the CTRE Mag Encoders, which are now available in several packaging options.

  • If you’re all about the VersaPlanetary ecosystem, it comes VersaPlanetary-flavored
  • If you’re really into 1/2" hex shafts, it can be mounted on one of those (with the added benefit of interfacing with a VersaBlock).
  • If you’re using an AM14U chassis, you can mount one to a Toughbox Mini (or any Toughbox/Evo series gearbox) with this kit or some neat lego tires.
  • If you’re not into the TalonSRX ecosystem, try the new CANcoder.

There are also plenty of other options, like the new Rev Through Bore encoder and others, but like I said, I’ve had really good experiences with CTRE Mag Encoders.


Are Cimcoders good? I have heard that they integrate well with a kit bot and CIMs. Also, are they quadrature?

My team used AM’s CIMcoders for two years. They worked fine, but they have the same terrible connectors as the E4T. It’s small, finicky, and very easy to destroy. We had to replace them a few times through four robots in two seasons.

If you need an encoder that attaches directly to a CIM, I’d recommend using @ACardinali’s CIMcoder that uses the much sturdier AMT102-V encoder. Or just attach the encoder somewhere else on the mechanism and use a CTRE mag encoder. They’re our go to encoders for pretty much everything.

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If I were to by the cimcoder from AM, would I buy am-3314a or am-4027

am-4027 looks like a newer model, but does it have the same stuff that comes in the am-3314a kit?

We used beta through bores and they were great. Easy to just place on a hex shaft and plug in.

It has the 10 pin plug that goes into the talon srx, plus better resolution then the previous version.

But it still comes with all the required cables to connect it? in the image it just looks like the encoder itself

Would this also work with the AMT103-V encoders?

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