Best Regional in the East

Keepin it simple: What’s the best regional in the East?

Ahum… GTR gets my vote. Sadly it won’t be counted. How can you compete with it being the largest regional, Canada, and a Championship-like atmosphere. Never been to any other east coast regionals in the states, but we are going to New Hampshire this year which should be awesome. Please add GTR to the list if you can, thanks.

This is tough since ive only been to 4 of those regionals…

Boston - From a first year perspective… i dont know how it can get much better!!! From it being a first year regional and how amazing it was it definatley hit the standard for great regionals and i cant wait to see how much better it gets this year!!! A LOT to do around town and very assecable!!

UTC/HARTFORD - With the new venue the sky is the limits. I loved the setup of fans on both sides and the field in the middle, was the best atmosphere a driver could ask for. Fans are close all around you and it was just electrifying. And only 1/2 of the Convention Center was in use which is crazy considering 40 team pits, the field, a full vex tournament w/ 2-3 fields… Could easily become a “super” regional in years to come with the way FIRST is expanding and it being the ORIGINAL Eastern Regional post 95??? it will be the bar setter for FULL REGIONALS VEX & FRC

Granite StateNH - Typical arena feel and great easy flow to the arena. Pricey foods. other than that no complaint.

Jersey - Same as NH. Not much room to grow unless its found a new venue havent looked at this years loca

So my conclusion is Boston or UTC… Cant wait to go to both this year once again!!!

Hey, this can’t be a legitimate poll! It leaves out Palmetto and Peachtree! (Granted, I’d doubt that many would pick Peachtree over Palmetto, but it’s still a regional in the East.)

That said, Palmetto is my favorite regional thus far. Pretty competitive, good mix of teams, great venue, great crew behind it, and you just can’t beat the commute. (Well, I just can’t beat the commute–your mileage may vary.)

How East is East enough?

Toronto (79 deg W longitude) is further east than Orlando (81 deg W longitude). It’s also further east than Columbia, SC (81 deg W) and Atlanta (84 deg W). It’s in the Eastern time zone. Isn’t that East enough?

I don’t think people quite understand. Its all about the UCF Florida Regional…

have to agree. florida is a great regional. awesome competitors, great weather, good venue. yeah, i guess i’m a bit biased

GTR hands down. Don’t need to add much more.

UTC always has a crazy high caliber of teams and now with a new venue that provides a great atmosphere its the best in the east.

I think the UCF (Florida Regional) is amazing and always has great teams. I have also heard rumors that once the new arena is finished the Florida Regional will be able to hold two fields and over 80 teams. Also the 2007 Florida Regional promises to be great with very competitive teams.


VCU has been the largest regional in the states for a number of years. BEST VENUE EVER. And it has tremendous loyalty from travelling teams. 843 keeps coming back from all the way in Canada if that’s not proof enough!

Here is my list (best to not so best):

Finger Lakes
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Long Island


B/c we have soft pretzels, cheesteaks, and water ice. Obviously the best regional goes along with that.

Not a rumor…Erik Halleus (Head of the FL Regional) announced this in one of his speeches last year during the florida…

As far as the poll, I would give the nod to UCF if it was either all indoors (like every other regional) or all outdoors (because i miss KSC)…either way this half inside, half outside stuff is not that appealing to me…I’d give the nod to Palmetto, if that was an option…

I voted for NJ. My home regional is UTC but lately I can’t say I’ve been very impressed with the teams. 236 will win Chairmans every year and except for 177 this year and Rage last year, nothing has really come out the CT area lately in the robot area :frowning:

GTR gets my vote :slight_smile:

Go Finger Lakes!

When determining what the “Best” is, are you refering to the best robots, the best competition, or the best venue? I voted for Chesapeake because it seems to have the best combination of all three. The venue is, by far, one of the best in the country, with great viewing areas, great pits, excellent food, and a wonderful area to visit. The competition is always strong, with visiting teams such as Buzz, Rage, 341, 237, etc in recent years.

Tom, I couldn’t disagree with you more about your choice for the NJ regional. While the robots may be great, I can’t say the same about Trenton or the arena. Blah!


ohh!.. Chesapeake is by far the BEST!!! here are couple of reasons why
Location: US Naval Academy. Its really secure and students can walk around where they want to without any insecurity. Its right next to Chesapeake bay that provides a scenic view. So if in any case you are sick of indoors, please step out and enjoy the fresh Chesapeake breeze ~~~~
Food: SIMPLY AWESOME!!! one of the main reason i would attend this regional again and again. On top of all this, Food is allowed in the arena!!! so you don’t have to miss a match to get lunch :wink:
Teams/Competition: Last year, teams came to Chesapeake from pretty much every where. England, California, Alaska, Texas, etc etc.
Announcers: One of the best…JEFF!

On the other hand VCU is like an addicting regional. Whoever comes to VCU, come again and again.

Well i think every regional is fun/best on its own way.
Pretty much, where ever there’s FIRST, there’s Fun.


Could anyone provide suggestions as to which regionals have the best travel access to and from the airports as far as proximity and safe guards against getting lost?

Edit: Clarification :o
Travel eastbound for 2007 is just for me - and yes, I’m capable of getting lost. Very.
I’m getting a lot of help via PMs.