Best Robot Desktop Photos

I enjoy putting high resolution and high quality robots on my desktop (especially with a white background)!

My all-time favorite desktop photos are from the Cheesy Poofs, (Slipstream and Skyfire)

I don’t have many high res photos for 2013 or for previous years, Are there any other great high res photos ones that have been posted this year ?

I can’t say this is the best, but we like it.!i=2374106240&k=Cwp6kFG&lb=1&s=X3

Feel free to browse my Hobbies gallery. There are tons of photos on there from the last several years. You may use any photo you like, just let me know so I can see what you’ve used it for. Your best bet is to view it in it’s “Original” size and save a copy from there.

Thanks for the compliments!. We’ll have a new one out next week. Stay tuned.

254’s robot photoshoots are second to none. Pure juice. Can’t wait for the new one!

It’s not a full robot, but I have thisas one of my background pictures.

Not quite a white background, but here’s one one of our robot.

One of my favorites:

I’ve got this as a background on a school computer. I think it’s fairly indicative of the standard I’d like to eventually reach:

This might be the best alliance ever.

Here’s a wallpaper I made of our Ultimate Ascent robot, Inferno.

This is 1325’s 2013 robot, no white background but its a high resolution picture and it looks awesome!

This is a picture of 1325’s 2013 robot!

HUGE IMAGE ALERT!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I’m a little bit partial to this

Here’s another nice one, but not high enough res.
And one more

This has been my Nexus 7 wallpaper from the day I got it (only a couple months after I took it).

Edit: I’m using a much higher-res version of the same picture, that is. Too cheap to pay for cloud storage of all my highest-resolution photos!

Team 254’s 2013 Robot - Overkill

If I might ask, how do you guys set up your photoshoots? I’d imagine special / professional equipment involved? For example, what the background actually made of? (besides beautiful white nothingness)

Here’s the background I’ve been using since 2008 on my computers and phone:

The backdrop is white seamless paper. It is about 8’ wide and can be purchased at most photography stores. Otherwise we use qty 2 200watt/s studio strobes with umbrellas (bounced off of the inside, not soft lit) and some photoshop magic. Photoshop is only used to remove some of the gradients that appear in the white background and to fix any color cast in the polycarb, etc due to the ambient lighting.

Here is a picture of us setting up the backdrop, etc.

And occasionally to add wheels to the robot.