Best Robot Photos 2015

Picking a robot desktop image can be difficult.
Help everyone by showing us your favorite robot desktop.

Here is the 2015 DiscoBots Desktop

There is a thread about the best desktops from a few years back.

Here’s one of my favorite photos that I got during the 10K Lakes regional.

This is probably my favorite robot picture, but my favorite desktop-sized picture is one of our robot in the starting position on the field.

I love this shot, as it was the determining factor between Hot picking us as their first pick. The students did not have it working, or even attached to the bot prior to the competition, and got it programmed and working in autonomus over the weekend.

Fun looking back a week 2, and how much time you had to grab a can. . .

I made one for 4967s robot:

My current phone lock screen image is Team 1676’s 2015 robot, Reaper, being pulled in transport configuration, and my phone background is our infamous ‘sketchy stack’ from the Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District Event.

This is one of my favorites from the Lone Star Regional. It was the first time we made 3 stacks in a match, and the FIRST logo is just like a shadow.


Not the best for a desktop, but this one of our robot from Tech Valley looks very nice. It makes for a good phone background.

Here are some of my favorites from MSC of my team

I’m biased.

Here’s a nice one of 1741 at DCMP

We had a great student photographer this year. There are a lot of fantastic photos of the team in action, but this is my favorite of the robot itself.

This one definately:

or any of these:

Got a sendoff from our school, got This amazing picture.

Nice pics! Here are a couple that I like:

My phone’s wallpaper is this. Photo credit to Daniel Ernst

My desktop and phone wallpaper:
Our team’s facebook:

I recently made this pic of Team 48’s bot at Buckeye my desktop -

Here is a good shot of Genome Eta at Chesapeake.

Here is a render we made for our informational card. There are also some great photos of our robot at Chesapeake here.