Best robot showcase videos

What do you think is the best/strangest/most interesting robot showcase video? I looked for a thread on this and didn’t find anything, so I started this. If somebody knows of a similar thread, please post the link.


I would have to give my hat off to 118, the Robonauts, release video this year. Their Magic trailer left me speechless.

Also, I’d say 148, Robowranglers. Raptor was a beast to be feared this season.

the classic

This video came out week 3 of the build season in 2008…It was pretty scary given it’s timing and it’s also well done.

only 7 seconds long, this video gets my vote.

I have a slight bias, and this covers 2003-2008, but I still think it looks awesome!

As for the 2011 118 video, that was mindblowing! I loved it, and it was very well done with the music (Inception?). I look forward to seeing you guys at IRI!

My favorite has been 118s this year, the music choice was awesome, and the video fit the audio perfectly.

Not saying this is one of the best videos, but last week we decided to make a highlight reel of our human player. He was a big part of our success and we thought it would be cool to make him a video.