BEST robotics.

How many teams here also do BEST robotics. The Devastators have a BEST robotics team currently called Rock’em Industries.

It’s always fun to meet friends in FRC that we can also compete with in BEST (and visa versa).
This season and last season 2468 has mentored two BEST teams from our district’s middle schools, The Galactic Cougars (Robotics Team of Hill Country Middle School) and The Mario Galaxy Cats (Robotics Team of West Ridge Middle School). They come to our shop three days a week and we enjoy getting to know them and teaching them skills they will use when they join our team in a few years. Last year was very successful for them, both rookie teams that advanced past local competition, and we look forward to an exciting season. Previously we competed in BEST (from 2007 to 2011), but now we spend most of our fall building skills for FRC. But you will still see us at competition with them

We have one over here in New London-Spicer. And our school also hosts a competition because we got so involved! our hub is on it’s second year now! Woo!

My team (Fernbank LINKS) has a BEST team! We have won first place in the BEST award for the last two years at GA BEST and won first place two years ago and second place last year in the game.

Wow it’s nice to meet other BEST teams, but how does your school use BEST teams. I think BEST is an awesome way to train your Business teams.

Our team started off as a BEST team and then started doing FRC a couple of years ago. I have noticed that BEST is a good way to prepare the rookies for FIRST and get them used to building robots and learning how our team is run.

The FMHS Robotics club has a BEST and a FIRST team!