Best Robots Not To Qualify For Champs

Since I haven’t seen a 2016 version of this thread, here it is.

What were the best robots this year not to qualify for champs?

In my experience, I’d put 3255 in this category. In addition to being a team full of great people, their stellar robot was 2nd seeded at both San Diego and Las Vegas, and if my memory doesn’t fail me, they had one of the highest (if not the highest) OPRs of any team not to qualify.

2512 had a great robot this year; it was a shame they didn’t qualify this year.

At SVR I thought 649 and 192 were two deserving teams. 192 unfortunately missed out on a finalist wild card, as they made the finals at a Week 2 regional (Arizona North).

2791. Stellar robot, deadly high goal shooter. Would have loved to see it in person at champs.

4028 Beak Squad had an amazing robot last year that almost didn’t qualify for champs. Luckily, 1939 generated a wildcard at Queen City and sent the well deserving team to championship. 4028 even went on to be a semi-finalist on Carson.

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5434 from MN not going to champs was a bummer. They were IMO the best MN team not to make champs.

Yeah. They were a great team this year, and an excellent pickup for our alliance!

For Colorado, 1410 went to the semifinals twice; once at Arizona North and once in Colorado. They just barely missed the finals both times. Had they made the finals in Colorado, they would have gone to the championship.

2791 for sure.

4481 had a beautifully engineered robot. I think its downfall was just that it was geared way to slow.

I would also like to put 2791 at the top of this category. We were fortunate enough to be their partner this year at BattleCry, their robot was incredibly consistent and well made. Not to mention that their team as a whole carried themselves with a great deal of professionalism and respect.

The big name for me is 3250. Their robot was amazing. I was very impressed and I think they would’ve done really well at champs.

+1. We competed with them in Flagstaff, and I was very impressed with them. I was very surprised to hear that they didn’t make it to champs.

Honestly a big name that I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet is Wave, 2826. They always build a quality robot and they were the alliance captain at the Minnesota North Star regional where they were finalists.

I am inclined to agree with you.

3276, 3277, 4778 wouldn’t have been out of place at champs either.

4481’s robot was incredibly ambitious and when it was functioning as intended, it was the best high goal shooter at the Tech Valley Regional. Unfortunately, as a result of their ambitious design, they never could consistently produce those results. Their program also very much deserved some sort of culture award for the awesome work they do.

I’ll also agree with 2791- best robot from NY not to make Champs for sure. We were so disappointed we lost with them when we did at Finger Lakes.

I’ll mention 624. As their alliance partners last year in Utah I know that CRyptonite builds quality robots, and they still did this year. They just barely missed out on wildcard slots at Rocket City and Lone Star, but their robot was still in Texas’ top tier.

After their 2015 performance, that’s a surprise!

Ditto. They almost made it at Sac. They really improved in their second Regional. They’re a strong argument for Districts in CA. ;^)

From New England, 2877 & 3467 were two very capable machines who fell short of qualify for St. Louis. Ligerbots had a solid autonomous program aiding them in autonomous as well as teleop and Windham started peaking at the DCMP with 7-9 high goals. We had a very capable field who qualified but its a reality of the district system is that a lot of good robots who could find themselves in the elimination rounds in St. Louis don’t qualify.