Best sensors and control systems

If you had Unlimited budget (but realistic) what Components you had in your control system on the robot ?

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Velodyne LiDAR, 2 x jetson orin NX, 4 stereo cameras for apriltags, 4 colour 4k cameras for ML detection. 2 x CANivore, and just some CANcoders or Helium CANandcoders for swerve modules.


Damnn, that’s a lot, I refined the question

On a techincally legal note the velodyne LiDAR is arguably legal but I can survive with a few depth cameras to overlay with my ML models for robot detection on a cluster board of rk1 & jetson orin nano modules which all legal and still t canivores so I can use CAN FD but have the rk1 module control the robot instead of the rio to run faster loop times for differential swerve and better controls in general.

For context we used 6 coprocessors this year and needed multiple network switches and had backup power supplies for our telemetry and logging coprocessor. So it’s not a completely insane jump it’s just moving past “budget constrains”

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The Jetson Mate is pretty nice for that as you can go above the nano class SOM that use the same sodimm interface, and it has the gigabit ethernet switch built in. Gets pricey once you populate it though.

Jetson mate or Turing Pi 2 - Turing Pi

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