Best Shopbot Tutorials/Videos?

Our team recently purchased a Shopbot, and I want to get up-to-speed with how to use the machine. Do any CAM/Shopbot gurus out there have recommended resources I should look at?

I’ve found running cam through Fusion 360 to be the easiest for me on the Shopbot. I use GWizard Machinists Calculator to calculate feeds and speeds for the cut. I’ve made a video or two on youtube that cover the absolute basics (changing bits, and zeroing axes) if you need those.

If you can, always check the manufacturer’s site for tutorial videos. And then move onto YouTube, usually searching the name of the machine and “tutorial” or “intro” can help.

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103 has a full 4x8 shopbot that has been in use for at least 14 years. Fusion has a built-in postprocessor for shopbot that seems to be working quite well for us.

This is ours in action from the past few days.

Unfortunately the shopbot program is really dated and has plenty of issues, but it does work once you get to know it. After zeroing your x, y, and z axes, you can jog, make a program, or run a program you made somewhere else.

One thing to note is that the feedrates are in in/sec, which had us really confused for a while. Luckily your fusion post should be able to make the right conversion.

This video helped me immensely when learning the machine.

I also recommend scrolling through this awesome thread about routers for FRC use.