Best shots

So I know there’s already a thread about the farthest shot, but how about the coolest shot? What’s the most exciting, head-turning, fantastical shot your robot has made so far?

Here’s what Team 2059 did last Friday. Our first time in a gym shooting frisbees. Managed to get our 3rd attempt in, then caught #7 & 8 on camera.

I might be a little bit biased, but I would like to put my vote in for 2468’s shot at the bottle on Ray Almgren’s head at NI week during the RoboRio reveal. :slight_smile:

The part with team 2468 starts around 1:30.

My favorite shots are the ones 4265 took in the IRI semis. Two of their full court shots bounced off the pyramid into the 1-point goal. They were the only shots of the entire tournament that went into the 1-point goal.

Any good FCS shot. Watching an FCS ram 3 pointers one after another into the goal was amazing. In particular 67 at MSC from the behind the goal camera angle on the TV special.

One shot we took on Newton bounced off of the goal and went into an opposing robot upside down, jamming their shooter. Sorry about that. :yikes:

Near the archimedes field, I saw a team watching a video of their robot. They were trying a full court shot, but were blocked by a robot. The adjusted their robot to shoot over the blocker, but hit the pyramid. The next 10 shots they made went over the blocker, hit the pyramid, and bounced into the 3 point goal.

The cheesy poofs also were blocked from the pyramid, and when they fired into the blocker, the disc ended in the two point goal.

about half the time we miss a shot, it banks off the pyramid and into the 2 point goal. We also shot from 70ish feet away into the 3 pointer against the wind (I might have video of this)

During the DC Regional at a practice match, the opposing alliance’s inbounder whammed an epic hammer throw and landed a red frisbee right into our hopper. Robot spat it right back out and scored two points. I so wish I had video of it…

And also this:

In one of our matches at CORI one of our autonomous shots bounced off the goal and dropped straight into one of our partners’ robots’ hopper.
They had only programmed 3 shots in auto, but when teleop started they went ahead and launched the disc into the goal.

On our practice field at home, we were able to shoot discs through the slot in the feeder station. We had joked about doing this for a while, but one night we were testing some changes and were using the feeder station at a backstop and shot four discs through the slot. We’ve been able to repeat this a few times.

Well, my two favourite plays in FRC aren’t actually from 2013 at all.

One was from a match on Saturday at the 2012 Greater Toronto West Regional.

Human Player threw a shot AT the buzzer, no robots moving (all balanced on bridges), which ended up in the 1 pt goal on the far side of the field to tie the match. The arena went eerie silent, and erupted when it swished. Definitely one of the coolest moments I’ve ever seen in 10 years of FRC. I can’t remember if it was an elim match or not.

The other is 67’s brilliant play against the then rookie sensation of 1241 in this match from the 2004 Great Lakes Regional:

In 2004, 1241’s human player had been cherry picked from their school’s basketball team. He was stellar. Preventing their robot from feeding him balls like that is by far one of the most creative defensive maneuvers I’ve seen in 10 years of FRC.

This happed at Wisconsin in 2012. During the eliminations, one of our autonomous shots missed and rolled into 1714s intake, who ran their intake and shooter the entire 15 seconds and made the extra shot. Because they were also being fed by 1306, I think they made 5 shots in that autonomous mode.

Similar things happened to us a few times with both our 2012 and 2013 robots. Kept the intake running, and picked up stray game pieces (our own misses, our teammates’, sometimes even our opponents’) and scored them.

225 rammed the wall several times to unjam our hopper, and when the shot came free, it made a full-court one point shot
Starting at 1:45

We can also do the same thing. We shoot through the same opening we feed, after all. Those Frisbees actually retain most of their momentum when they are shot through their slot; we nearly took out a few of our trophies that were a few meters back from our feeder station on our practice field when we tried it out.

Here’s a video of two net shots made by a prototype shooter during the 2013 build season.

At 1:54 in this video of the MSC semi-finals, 1918 put a shot right through our arms as we were climbing and into the three point goal. I remember seeing it as it happened and thinking that it was pretty impressive. The video from Detroit Public Television makes it look even better.

Pine Tree Regional Quarterfinals. Our operator prematurely fired a disc while our base driver made a last second adjustment on the line up. This caused our shot to bounce off the angled vertical bar of the pyramid and into the 3pt goal anyway.


My favorite (series) of shots would be 2169 in the second Galileo finals match-- filling up the three point goal to the point where they have to start shooting in the two point goal.