Best Spoiler Match 2007

Boston SF1 Match 2

Any others comparable? (match where spoiler was used to turn around the match score)

KA-108 :cool:

At the Waterloo regional Q2-4. They did video replay to get the score right.

For those of us who weren’t there, would you care to elaborate on what happened in these matches. Spoilers weren’t really used at the NASA/VCU or Chesapeake Regional and I’m interested in hearing how they were effectively used.

Not one, but two spoilers on the red row of 6.

edit: Sean beat me to it

Thanks! That was a pretty amazing match. Spoilers, when used properly, really can change the outcome of a game.

Team 888 put a spoiler on in the first elimination match at cheasapeake. Then spike took it off (o well they could have put 2 more tubes on in the time it took them to get it off:D )

Unquestionably the spoiler placed by 236 in UTC QF 2-3
Unfortunately the camera was focusing on bots climbing ramps rather than 236’s amazing spoiler

Was it just me or were ramp not a factor in the Boston Elims? I have to admit, he finals were the best series of games I’ve seen this year.

That was a nice match! very good job on blue for spoiling, I noticed at first they had the spoiler in the wrong place, but they fixed it, and just moving the spoiler over one spot cost red the game.

yes that was a good one.
dont forget the one after that…SF2 Match 3…where 1626 takes offf a spoiler.

I don’t remember the team that placed to spoiler for the 1626’s alliance at Boston, but it was definitely cool to watch 1626 take the spoiler out of the game.

I sooooo take credit for that one :smiley: That was probably the best set of matches I have ever taken part in. Both wins for us in the semi-finals were attributed to our strategic use of the spoiler. Not only did we spoil their row with 2 spoilers, we also managed to complete our row of 6 in the remaining time.

You can find the video of that match here

It’s a good thing they did that. I had to watch carefully to see how the double red got onto the arm below the spoiler. It was actually that extra tube and not the spoiler itself that swung the match. (With extra tube: 27-28. Without that tube: 31-28.)

All 3 finals matches in boston =D

i belive spoilers were placed + revomed!!! in all 3 matches…

San Diego SF2-1(?) had the only spoiler that stuck. Too bad the ramps beat it out. Someone tried one in the finals. It never made it.

ramps were not as vital in the finals in boston because of the types of teams playing…i loved the fact that ramps were a little scaled back…it made for some incredible “tubage”

I agree with one notable exception.

Was it MA Finals #3 where Team 125 gets on top of 69… With about 4 seconds left they floor it perfectly onto the ramp. If they hadn’t (and red hadn’t gotten a 10pt penalty) the match would have been tied and gone to a #4. Very exciting finish.

(unfortunatly the soap movie doesn’t show the ramping, but I do have footage from my digi-cam…will upload next week)

KA-108 :cool:

it might be QF3-3 you are thinking of. it would have changed the whole game if we (585) and 812 had stayed on 968 for a few more seconds. 1425 got that spoiler on and we thought we had the match if 812 could come and drop their ramps. 585’s bot died after the stand with our signal light and radio was bent down and knocked out. 1425 was caught up in the rack and 968 already had their ramps down.

good match.