Best strategy you got

what the best strategy you can think of?
Heres mine- the one that worked for us
i robot (us) grab the near goal and fill it with 20 balls(which we really do)
the other robot gets in the way or tries to grab another goal and hold it in our zone

at the end of the match one of the robots runs to the endzone without having to sacrafice a goal so at the end of the match:
2 goals- 20pts
20 balls 20pts
1 robot - 10pts
total - 50pts

the othe team has to get:
1 goal - 10pts
2 robots - 20pts
30 balls - 30 pts
total - 50 pts

to even tie
and i don’t think theres gonna be any robot that can put 30 balls in a goal
we can do all 20 off one side and maybe get it to the human player

i think that could beat anyone

You are right to some degree, that would be very tough to beat. However, balls are no good if you don’t have a goal to put them in :).

Just something for you to think about.

Don’t be so sure that a team can’t get 30 balls into the goal. I’ve seen some that have been really close in our regional. In most cases, your strategy works. It pretty much what we used and was very successful. There were times when we had to alter our strategy for teams that could handle alot of balls, but that was rare.

My point above about having a goal to put the balls in refered to facing a three goal grabber- like teams 365 or 384- who grab three goals at the beggining of the match. If you do sneak a goal away, then you are set, otherwise, having 30 balls in your basket does you no good.

I agree with joe here. what if you can’t get a goal? then you’re kinda stuck. say even you go against a two goal grabbing robot who has the same strategy. who’d win? when designing this years MOE, we wanted to guarantee a draw match if we played against ourselves. we had to play against ourselves when MOE met Sparky at Richmond. unfortunately for us, our alliance got dq’d for interfering with the bottom of the top plate because our gripper deploy method didn’t account for the necessary pressure (a slight problem when you don’t think of all the possibilities). this turns from a question of best strategy to one of who is fastest and who has the most traction. that balance is essential for the success of that strategy. say even you’re the fastest robot at your regional. you get to the goals first, have control, get all the balls loaded up, and are in your end zone the way you want to be. if you play against a robot who has more traction and better torque, then chances are, one of your goals is going with him instead. along with the question of best strategy, you need to think of the most likely way to accomplish it.

anyway, just chiming in my two cents

p.s. stupid washers!

The reason i came up with this, is because at SBPLI we were the fastest robot to the goal. We could grab 1 goal in the first 2 seconds of the match. And whenever we had a goal nobody could take it away from us.

well, at the NYC regional, our robot was able to keep the ball gettings rather preoccupied. one match, we were up against 19 (not sure of the two other teams). before the match, i had went over t olook at 19, and see how it did it’s thing. the operators said they could push or pull anything. so, i took that as a challenge, and when i went out, well, you guess what happened… :smiley:

fast forward to the match. ery beginning, we pushed the center goal into our scoring position, thne went and harrased 19. the first minute, i was “driving circles” around 19. they did not pick up more than a few balls. then, with a minute left, their battery died. :smiley: i believe that match proved 810’s effectiveness against ball getters.

now, jump to the quarterfinals. it’s 810 and 694 against 340 and some other team. similar strategy, and we kept 340 from getting a goal, and let 694 get a goal and balls. we won. that match proved 810’s effectiveness with a ball getting on the team.

in the end, you can see how a robot like ours can benefit many teams, cause we go fast, then pop up, and push a robot with a goal down the field. quite fun i must say. :smiley:

Hey Simon! How ya doing? Anyway, I agree, ball bots are great (I really liked 157, who, btw, won philly), but you can usually stop them. In the first match of the finals, 157 beat us by getting an incredible number of balls. We learned, and our strategy for the second match was to stop 157 from getting balls, so, in the second match, we grabbed onto the goal they had, and didn’t let them pick up balls. It worked perfectly, they didn’t get any balls, but then our servo broke and we couldn’t unlatch from the goal to get to our endzone (less than 4 feet away!) and win. We ended up losing the match by 1 ball, (and 1 servo :)).


For the finals, my favorite pairing is one really good goal bot, and a really good ball bot, then you do have a goal, and you can load it up with balls galore.

*Originally posted by srawls *
For the finals, my favorite pairing is one really good goal bot, and a really good ball bot, then you do have a goal, and you can load it up with balls galore. **
I agree and thats what we always hope for.

Well my best strategy,as of right now, is to stop robots from doing whatever they specialize in… stop goal dragging robots from grabbing the goals, stop ball gathers robots from gathering balls and stop ball scoring robots from scoreing balls.

     1. One way I learned how to stop robots from attaching to the goals... simply get to it first and spin in a somewhat circular motion, this keeps the driver agrivated and very very angry at some points.
     2. To stop or reduce the gathering of ball gathering robots.... direct your robot the the balls along the side of the field and either pick them up or shatter them all over the field.
     3. When a robot is scoring with balls... ram the goal ( do not ram the goal from the opposite side for the robot scoring, but from the side)... this will also shake up the drivers because normally drivers dump balls in the goal when the match is nearly over. By delaying them it makes them nervous and they will normally get highly irritated which blocks the majority of the drivers minds into thinking "the match is over" and "forget it".

Mostly all strategy is to be used during the middle of the match or when time is limited… thats when strategy is very effective depending on how well the plan is thought out… you can also keep your opponent from scoring anything at all, its very risky but it will be a tie game… simply put all the point in their zones so that your points remains 0. At the end of the match they will see that 3 x 0 = 0. But the side effect is to keep your opponent from giving your points…

*Originally posted by trnt2k3 *
**2. To stop or reduce the gathering of ball gathering robots… direct your robot the the balls along the side of the field and either pick them up or shatter them all over the field.

actually, i’ve come to the realization that by leaving the balls in the lines along the side, ball getters have a much harder time. almost none of the ball grabbers have their mechanisms spread all the way to the side, so therefore, they must scatter the balls first. so, DON’T SCATTER THE BALLS, unless you’re alliance has a ball getter. :smiley:

or unless you happen to be against 157…sigh learning this the hard way…:smiley:

You guys have a great, very versitile robot and an awsome driver. However, it seems like you guys must have horrible luck. First at VCU , your limit switch got stuck, causing you to fall without the shock absorber- breaking you really bad from what I could tell. Then your servo on your gripper jammed in Philly, forcing you to stay attached to the goal, preventing you from going home, costing you the finals. It just seems that you unfortuunately learn alot of lessons the hard way.

By the way, I was wondering how you do initiate the fall from your vertical position

our ball collector, it moves up and down, we push it down and the robot falls…go gravity!

by the way, you’re welcome for the shirt. as for the whole gravity thing, when we designed moe’s wings, we wanted to come up with a reliable, quick way to make them deploy. our final design is a combination of combined forces. our latches are two of our pneumatic cylinders. to get the wings down fast, we use the wonderful gravity and the springiness of surgical tubing. we haven’t had a problem with our wings not deploying yet.


p.s. but you don’t have the hat yet, Alex

we use the wonderful gravity and the springiness of surgical tubing

Yep, we use surgical tubing too, to make it easier to move the ball cather to tip our robot over (we use it in the shock absorber too). BTW, how’s it going on getting that green surgical tubing? :slight_smile:


Hey alex and simon
hows it goin

stephen - you guys use surgical tubing? I looked your whole robot over and didn’t see it. I wouldn’t have thought. it’s wonderful stuff, though, isn’t it? our wing team loves it. they used as much as they could get away with. enjoy that crew shirt there, buddy

aman - trying to get your post count up?

Well, it’s in hard to see spaces. One “loop” of it is on the ‘belly’ of the robot, holding the shock absorber to the frame. The other is on the bottom side of the trunnions to hold the ball catcher down.


P.S. Oh, and I will definitely enjoy my crew shirt! I’m gonna wear it to all our team meetings, and maybe to the team party.

dont we have some on the basket too???