BEST Tank Drive Robot for 2023?

Let the Sparks Fly and see who you think has the best Tank Chassis Bot for 2023 Charged Up!

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definitely 3357, they were great at their first event.


I would definitely agree but in their reveal video and on their reveal thread they said it was wcd, so I’m not sure if that’s tank or not. I’m relatively new to FRC and am not sure of the difference or if wcd is a more specific name for tank?

wcd (west coast drive) is simply a variation of tank style drive. Tank just means that the robot has its wheels in a straight line and turns by either running one side one faster than the other or in opposite directions.


3357 at the moment (only through 1 weekend of comps right now) . We’ll see if this holds for the rest of comp season (I’m guessing it probably will).


I am here to underscore this.

Also liable to change, a team with meh tank could dominant week 4 for example.

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I am partial to ours…we were able to do just about everything towards the end…learned a new trick for the Auton towards the end of quals for balancing…

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I’ll add 3940 CyberTooth to the discussion. 1st seed, stayed in the top bracket on their way to a district win. They bobbed and weaved and spun and faked their way out of pins and away from defense all weekend long; their driving was precise and decisive.


971 (when they compete)

also might be worth to put this thread here: The Fall of the House of Tank Drive