Best team to not win a regional?

I’ve been to several regionals and noticed it takes alot of luck to win one. So I got to searching this forum, and people only talk about those who win a regional, well, mostly. So I was wondering, whos the best team of 2005 not to win a regional? Another question, is 229 going to Atlanta? I saw them at the Buckeye, wow, but haven’t seen their number on the championship team list. I hope this brings some good discussion.

yes last time i saw 229 is gladly going to Atlanta.

Every team is great in their own way and all of them deserve a trip to Atlanta. But if I had to pick one that hasn’t won a regional, I’d pick 188 - Woburn.
Why? Their team in general is great. Their robot has a unique system of tetra grab/drop and the people in the team are unique as well. I’d go on about the great things this team has but I’m sure a lot of people on CD already know. Besides we also seem to win when we’re partnered up with them in an alliance :smiley:

There are many other teams that haven’t won but are still going to Atlanta and that’s a good thing :cool:

Yeah 229 is headed down to Atlanta. We’ll see everybody there.


Every year there are a lot of teams out there with good robots, but just fall on bad luck (I know the feeling). This year, two teams I noticed who had really good robots and fell on a bad break would be team’s 25 from Palmetto and 1251 from Palmetto and FL. In fact, both teams were allied in the finals at Palmetto, but thats not the only reason I picked them.

Team 25 impressed me several times and were one goal short of owning all the rows in a match once. Team 1251 was also very impressive, they played like a vet team. 1251 were also finalists at both Palmetto and FL, coming very close to wining in both cases.

I am excited to be seeing both teams again at Nationals and wish them both luck…
but not too much :smiley: .

Team 20.

Two robots from CT that were extremely high-caliber yet did not win a regional are 237 and 175. 175 were finalists twice, and I don’t remember exactly how 237 finished…I"m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong but they were semifinalists at one and finalists at the other. 716 also had a solid robot that didn’t win a regional.

I’m predicting a big finish from our part of the country at nationals this year.

I believe that team 383: the Brazillian Machine, is a great team that has a great robot, has gracious proffesionalism, and has a wonderful team of wonderful people. 383, Sadly, is unable to go to Atlanta. :frowning:

383 Deserves great recognition! :slight_smile:

I agree with all of you great robots discussed. Heatwave u guys are awesome. :D. Techtigers Have been 3rd seeded at ucf regional and 1st seed at palmetto this year and didn’t come up with a win. :confused:. Hopefully nats will change our luck. I honestly think it’s all about the allience this year.

45 - Kokomo
27 - Rush
33 - Killer Bees
65 - Huskies
868 - Carmel
383 - Brazil

These teams have all been exceptionally strong when I have seen them compete. Hopefully they will all be in Atlanta!

229 Division by Zero narrowly lost out on winning two regionals. They are very good as all of you will see in a couple of weeks.

I have to agree with Theory 6, Team 188 definately deserved to go to nationals. We recently hosted them and they were by far one of the greatest all around teams I have come to know. They had a great robot this year and their team spirit was so good this year they even had our team cheering with them. There is always a next year though. =p

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From the robot side of things, 1251 is due. They were the bridesmaid at both Florida and Palmetto, both pretty strong regionals.

All-around? 342 is my bet. Amazing robot (four-wheel drive with eight wheels–whodathunk?), amazing team. They’ll represent South Carolina well in Atlanta.

here are my picks
396 (or something like that…seen them at GLR and really liked the design of their robot)

thats all that i can think of right not but im am sure that there is more.


They were finalists at Purdue and in Buckeye, and they won Motorola Quality at both of these events. Anyone that has seen that robot knows how fast and efficent their lift is. I was so impressed everytime I watched their robot play. I am sure they are going to do well in Atlanta.

I wouldn´t include 48 in any best team this season discussion, but we´ve been around for 8 years and have yet to win a single regional event. Maybe one of these years…

Team 1097, the Jesuits, were very strong at both Sacramento and Silicon Valley. They placed first in the seeding at both regionals and made to the finals, but just couldn’t pull it off. Great job you guys!

Team 20 The rocketeers were dominant at UTC, They put together an awesome alliance and knocked us out in 2 games, however Hyper, Gael Force and 1071(Max I think) were just a bit too much, by far the best finals I saw this year.

I am surprised 27, 33, 234, 383 and 1646 didn’t win a regional…I really thought they all would.

  1. Finished as the top seed twice (over team 254 both times, mind you). It looks like they aren’t going to Atlanta, which is a pity. When I was watching them, I didn’t get the sense that they were dominating the matches, a feeling that I get when I see 71, 111, or 179. However, they were just so incredibly consistent and adept that they kept coming out on top. 1097 showed that they can run with and ahead of the big names on the west coast… it’s too bad they won’t be able to show off against the rest of the nation.