Best Team Without A Win in 2013

Who do you think is the best team that didn’t win any event this year? In my personal opinion, I would have to say 3476 - Code Orange is the best without a win. Their incredible autonomous and floor pickup is amazing! Unfortunately, they caught some unlucky breaks in eliminations. Also, being a Michigan team, I’m shocked that 67 - The HOT Team hasn’t won any districts this year! What are your thoughts?

I think this is the unanimous winner: Team 624 Cryptonite.


67 anyone? *Still have a chance at Champs

I’m a little biased toward Iowa teams, but Neutrino (3928) had a really good bot this year.


  1. 2 Time finalist to 1114 and 2056, second pick (after 1114) both times, 7 disk auto, full court, 10 point hang, AND a decent cycler.

I will gladly second this notion, coming from Wisconsin :smiley:

2826 Wave Robotics. They had an epic robot but were defeated in the finals for both of their regionals. They did win Chairman’s at Northern Lights though.

I’ll second this. We faced Wave in the finals matches and they put up some tough competition and an incredible robot. I feel they could have won had the seeding system at Northern Lights not been completely disrupted by the opening four consecutive rejections.

Ditto for 2826

I am not being biased or anything but Team 696 should have had a win this year along with Team 3476 Code Orange in Inland Empire.

3928 hands down. /thread

From the South, I’m inclined to say 4451. Combined quals record of 15-2-0, semis at Palmetto (with their only recorded fall), silver at Orlando running flawlessly. Then add in two Rookie All-Star wins and two UL Industrial Safety awards, and I’d say they’re in the conversation for best team without a win.

I don’t know whether 54 points a match punches your ticket to Saturday afternoon this weekend, but you can’t argue with their numbers so far.

Hahah, it’s internet slang for saying that the thread is over and anything worth saying has already been said. But apparently people think this discussion has merit. I personally hadn’t thought about 67.

2791 really picked up their game at WPI. Although 2168’s killer defense defeated 2791 in finals (along with every other team), I thought that 2791 deserved a spot at CMP. (I’m biased, but 177 also)

Highest peak performance without a win in 2013? Definitely the HOT team, hands down.

Most consistently good without a win in 2013? Either 1310 or 624, in my book.

From CA,

971 had a great robot with 7 disc auto (Finalist at Sac and Quarterfinalist at SVR)

3970 was an excellent cycler with a zippy drivtrain that flew over discs. (Finalist at CVR as 1st pick)

**330 **has a great robot, 5-7 disc auto, sub 30" robot that could block at almost 84". (Semifinalist at LA against winner and Quarterfinalist at LV against winner)

599 sub 30 full court shooter and cycler, made a habbit out of the buzzer beater climber. (Quarterfinalist at SD against winner and Finalist at LA)

294 had great defensive abilities with their intake, and weren’t bad at shootin either. (Quarterfinalist at CVR and LA, both times against Finalist)(previous 2 time world champs)

From my neck of the woods, I’d say 3928, 2826, and 1625 (in no particular order)

  1. First seed at the Sacramento regional. Excellent and zippy drivetrain. Fast feeder. Good ground pickup for 5 disc autonomous. Quick ten point hang.