Best Teams Not In Atlanta 2009

The discussion comes up annually: Who are the best teams* and robots that will be staying home this week?

*Other than your own; we know you’re awesome.

330 is first on my list, then 968… 1280 also falls on this list as well

westcoast teams gettin no luv :frowning:

oh yeah, and 103… at least their in the Animation Finals

I would say 968, 100, 103, and 330.

I gotta mention that 694 is prolly the best robot that isnt going to Atlanta

In addition to those already mentioned I’ll add 2199 and 1816 (Northstar upgrade)

Team 2068! By far one of the best scoring robots at both the DC and VCU regionals.

Team 834, how the ended up as the third pick in New Jersey is beyond me but they were quick dumper with the ability to hold a massive amount of moonrocks.

Team 422, eaisly had the quickest pick up than any other robot at VCU. Their all or nothing dumper could put up some big scores but if it weren’t for some timely misses 422 would be in Atlanta.

I would have to say 694 is by far the best team not going. They were absolutely dominant during qualifications in NYC and again in CT. If it were not for some bad luck they would be poised to make a run in ATL

and 968, 330.

You had to be at GTR to understand how close 188 and 610 came to taking down 2056 and 1114.

330 & 968 obviously top my list. But there are two teams I saw up close in both Rochester and Toronto who definitely belong on this list.

1126 - It’s going to be very weird to not have this two time Einstein team in attendance. Their robot was very competent this year and was coupled with some great strategy. They could have been a major player in Atlanta.

610 - One of the most underrated robots in FIRST this season. A power dumper with a huge capacity and great driving. Much like their 2007 season, it’s a shame this great team won’t be attending the Championship.

Other teams I didn’t see in person, but definitely are up there include, 103, 69, 100, 910 and 694.

I would probably say 103 and 694 are the best teams that are not going.

team 910 bishop foley. And my team 3119. We didnt have the money in time :frowning:

Definitely, 1241, 610, 330, and 968 are on my list. They were great teams, played excellent, and will be sad not to have them join us at Atlanta :frowning:

They played great at GTR, FLR, and i really think they should be up with us at Atlanta. And there are many other teams i forgot to mention. See you guys next year!

From Michigan, one of the top teams that qualified was 910 and unfortunetly they are not able to go, I believe it’s financial reasons. They are quite an excellent team and robot year after year. And I am said to see their season end early this year.

Hopefully I will see 910 at the summer competitions (especially IRI)

I think Wobot was good, but they didn’t have enough funding to go to the Michigan State Competition.

Definitely 968, 100 and 1280. Saw these personally, except well a blue version of the first one. :wink: I’m surprised 100 isnt going, as I thought they were already attending in some other division.
Ironic since last season 100 almost made Einstein and 968 did.

103, They would have rocked Atlanta!

definitely 1280, 330, and 968. 1280 is the best team to get the least recognition on Chief, as far as I have seen.

610 for sure. They had an amazing power dumper that could also play amazing defense. They had me shaking in my seat all throughout the elimination matches.