Best Teams Not To Qualify For Champs 2022

I think that 2881 deserved a trip to worlds this year.

They were finalists at both of their district events (losing to 148 and 3310 in Waco and 6800 and 2468 in Austin), won Chairmans at a district event, and finished the season tied with 2687 in district points (with 2687 advancing to champs).

Their robot was incredibly unique with dual catapults and the flamingo climber, and their team was super cool every time I got a chance to talk to them.


wait… 694 sam… are you Sam Bozo? 2265 loved the sign.

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yes, I’m not exactly sure where it came from but it is about me.


Something, something, about how we clearly intentionally placed ourselves at the right spot in the rankings to be just bad enough to be that alliances second pick…

But in all seriousness we felt incredibly lucky to be on the number one alliance and going into NYC I was genuinely surprised to see that 20 hadn’t already qualified.

This is why we should have districts in New York.


I’ve actually been wondering about this. Texas was supposed to send 23 teams and 2881 is supposedly 24th on the list (accounting for winners/cultural awards that have less points than them), but 118 had already won a regional and qualified. Shouldn’t that mean that they don’t count towards the 23 FIT District teams? In that case 2881 would have qualified.

I believe this situation was discussed in this thread in regards to an Indiana team winning a regional:
FRC Blog - Waitlist

With 118 winning a regional, it would mean that only 22 FIT District spots are available, based on that discussion.

I see. Is that how this always worked? In the past Israel had pre-qualified teams (due to Championship performance), and I remember us being excited about it because (we thought) it meant more teams would be able to go to champs. Whether we actually had more teams go than the district was assigned, I don’t remember.

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That was the case… IIRC in 2019 there were meant to be 12 slots but 14 teams ended up qualifying

There’s a difference between pre-qualified (for something like original & sustaining or winning an award at CMP a that gets you an automatic invite the next year) vs qualifying by winning an outside regional. The former doesn’t take away from the number of district slots available, the latter does. Why FIRST does it that way, no idea.

In 2019 both 5987 and 2096 qualified by winning a CMP award the year before. So they didn’t count towards the 12 teams Israel sent. If an Israeli team were to have won a regional that year though, the number would decrease to 11.

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118 would’ve made it with their points but yeah they took a spot up before the event. Wish they changed that to giving the spot to the next ranked team. HOF teams don’t take up district spots though.


You have no idea how badly I want this

what does Colorado’ed mean?

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It means, your team is exceptionally good

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Now that INCMP is over (but final qualifying teams not finalized based on declines) there is a chance that none of 7457, 3940, 1501, 4272, 292 get to attend. All very deserving teams IMO.

I did hear that there is 1 decline known, so 7457 should get that. Maybe 3940 in case of a second decline.


3 blue banner season…and no ticket to worlds. Wow.


Can confirm 7457 was next in line after the decline and will be going to Houston.


TBA was showing yall are 1st in the district, is this wrong?

Watching just from this comp, seconded on 3940. I had assumed they’d get a spot based on district points but they didn’t :frowning: other team that comes to mind is 3176.


Indiana had one extra slot dedicated to points, and a team qualified via a regional, burning that slot.

This is correct (and by a sizable marigin, too); however, Indiana was only given 8 slots to World Champs this year. 1 for Chairman’s, 2 for Engineering Inspiration, 1 for Rookie All-Star, 3 for the DCMP winners, and a single point slot. This point slot dissipated when 5484 won the New York Tech Valley Regional earlier in the season, but because 234, one of Indiana’s two Enginnering Inspiration winners, declined their spot at the World Championship, one point slot was regenerated and given to 7457.

See above; 234 declining their EI spot to Houston created a point spot for 7457.

Should another Indiana decline occur, a point spot would be generated for 3940.