Best Teams to Be Left out of the Finals

Every year there seems to be a few really good teams that for whatever reason manage to slip through the cracks in scouting and not make the finals.

So I’m posing the question to people, who do you think were the best teams in your division to not make the finals?

I watched every match on the Newton field and the ones that come to my mind in no particular order are.

2108/1885 To me watching the Newton finals there seemed to be room for one or two more good rampers to help with bonus points and these guys could all be considered good candidates to help out an alliance.

271 These guys were highly underrated; I thought they had a mean drive train, and a reliable and consistent tube scorer. There was one match on Newton that I saw them stop playing defense, then put up 4-5 tubes in the last 40 seconds of the match.

So who do you think were the best teams in your division to not make the finals?

My list


I’m sure I’m missing a ton but those are the only ones I can think of right now.

A number of excellent teams didn’t see elimination action in Galileo. 103, 237, 1251, 1680, 1730 and many others each were only watching Saturday afternoon’s action.

1089 in Newton. They had an easy to climb ramp, and could easily put up 7-9 ringers undefended (3-4 defended probably). After Friday’s qualification matches, they were 5-0, but on Saturday morning they lost 2 consecutive matches (motor for mast blew out in first match, and their second match was coming up almost right away, so they didn’t have time to fix the motor). After the second loss, they dropped out of the top 8, but fixed their motor and were running again.

I have to say my own team 668… We finished friday 4-1 and were putting up 4-6 ringers each match. Friday night the other teams wne thome and studied their scouting sheets and must hvae realized we were a threat and double teamed us both of our matches so we only could put up two in each. It really surprised us that we weren’t picked, and a couple teams actually told us they were surprised as well…

Thanks for mentioning us…we were very disappointed that we did not get picked for finals. According to one teams scouting data we had the 3rd highest tube average in archimedes…right behind 254 and 233. Just some bad luck with partners put us too low in the rankings to climb back up i guess.

We were extremely surprised that you weren’t picked. You were very high on our list (just below 987 I believe). Quite frankly, we were surprised 987 didn’t get picked sooner.

One thing I noticed for Newton picking was that very few teams chose a ramp bot for their first round pick, which was surprising. I guess teams assumed that rings would make the difference.

heh thanks for putting us up there. Just as other teams would say, we had the potential to get there, its just that things didn’t fall in our favor. It was a great learning experience though.

While our robot functioned wonderfully 2 out of the 7 matches, the other 5 had techincal problems for us, disconnected wires, loose pwm’s uncharged battery etc. I guess in the end it was noones fault but our own, there’s always next year

I was actually really surprised when I heard that 1114 didn’t make it to einstein. I thought they would be going for sure. Can anybody tell me what actually happened with them because I never actually heard the story. How far did they get?

358 and 1089 were both excellent ringers, but it turned out that Newton was much deeper than anybody expected.

48 ripped their arm off…

I was shocked that 180 didn’t get picked. Some of the best ramps that I’ve seen this year, and also able to cap multiple tubes in a match. Another shocker for me was 1251…

In archimedes:

125 (major shocker)

There’s at least 4 more that I can’t think of off the top of my head

I must say that I was a little surprised that we 1683 didn’t get a chance to play in eliminations. We were putting up 4 to 5 ringers per match with defense on us and we played some really killer defense too. I would have loved to have seen 1912 in there too, representing from the Bayou. O well, there is always next year

That was kind of the boat we got stuck in on 340. In the matches we didn’t have technical issues we were 4-0-1. A loose wire on the pneumatic, a dead transmission, and the loss of a tread knocked us out of our only three losses.

If you’re going to list 2108, 2182 was also an excellent ramp bot. They had a low scorer, which in my mind is still better than none, and a very quick and efficient ramp. 1885 was definitely my major shock though. They were all over with their ramps and scored pretty well, too.


  1. I think they would have been a steal for our alliance, but they couldn’t climb our ramps anyway (and we weren’t the ones picking).

Our scouts had these robots pegged for ringers:


It was a tough round for sure.

Team 86 in Curie. Their ramp are one of the most reliable I’ve seen all season and their good at defense.