Best Teams

Since every year we have a new group of students enter and leave our program, every event is a learning experience. After being at Atlanta, I just want to see what everybody had to say about who was the best robot, best team spirit, best rookies, anything. Since I was a driver and wasn’t in the stands a whole lot, I want to see what people have to say about the teams not recognized by awards but still had good bots, spirit and just over all presented themselves well.

One of my favorite teams is the 1083 Emoticons. They hold the Robot Rodeo scrimmage in October, and have numerous team members socializing and working with others. I’d go as far to say they are the best team in the Orlando area even if they didn’t get an award at the Championship. 1083 is full of class-acts and often treats me as one of the team. Kudos University High School!

56, 67, 254, 330 the best robots and drivers.

the freshman driver from 330 that kid is sick.

Thanks for the compliment. Our driver drives gas-powered RC cars as a hobby, so he gets a lot of practice. WARNING: I am pretty sure he will be back next year.
34 had a pretty good robot as well.

Thank you for the kind words, punkrawker303. We, too, were extatic at how well our rookie drivers did this season. We’re looking forward to them continuing to get better and better.

I think everyone’s forgetting the fantastic drivers from 503. They did some last second manuevers that won the match more than once down in Atlanta that can only be attributed to fantastic drivers who kept their heads in the game and stayed focused until the end. Plus they had a pretty darn good robot.

my list is a little long so i’ll keep it short. i hate the popular robot threads and say it like this. all 341 robots were the best at whatever they made their robot to do.

Thanks Beth Sweet.

I forgot to post my opinion. After only getting to work with the teams and see a little from the stands, I really like 1595 and 1577, especially for rookie teams. They were really good to work with. Also, the coach from 1038 Thundercats was really nice and we had a few good discussions. I don’t really remember who had the best spirit but I remeber 1511 shouting Rolling Thunder and Wildstang was right where we entered on the red alliance side and they were always standing, but I love our Black Knight swords. Best robot…67, we always wanted to work with them, but unluckly we were always paired against them at Atlanta and at the Buckeye. Another robot I liked was 447. They’re robot may not look scary, but it was fast and accurate. At the Boilermaker I didn’t want to face them. Congrats on the Radio Shack award to them. Hope more discussion happens.

i thought your drivers were doing it for 3 years now. they have mastered there controls of a steering wheel and joystick. i tip my hat to them.

Yeah, Dr. J was pretty scary. I personally think 1002 had the best driver. that would be a joke because we were the team that spun around at 90 rpm for 2 straight matches because of our gyro.
But I really liked Beachbots driver. That driver was amazing.

Team 118 The Robonaunts had an awesome 2 arm design they were in LSR and had an awesome design there robot capped flaulesly and the drivers really worked good together, i know the base driver (officerLeroy118) and for it being his first year he did an awesome job, he worked great with there omni drive and was very quick at what he did.

On spirit i will have to say for my self that my team (364) were very loud every time are drive team would just even peak around the curtain we would explode into chanting are cheer ( Who…RA, Who…RA(the name of our robot beinf Arm N Ra; The Ra Venger)) I myself still do not have my voice back.

I also like 111 wildstangs and 330 beachbots robots how there side armor was powered by motors and could go up or down. Our robot once it started moving, are carbon fiber flaps would fall down and there was no getting them back up once they were down.

Our main driver left last year, so this year, it was a totally new driver. He spent lots of time practicing, though, and that was probably the key.

I think that he best teams were 217, 280, 57, 64, 254, 93, 79, 1188, and 229 (not in any particular order). Those were the best teams.

At Boilermaker, I would have say 135, with their CRAZY :ahh: :ahh: fast arm. I remember thinking, “Man, if only we could be that fast”
Very nice robot, nothing slow about them.
45 also had a very good robot, fast and they always had a HUGE stack of tetras where ever they went to work at.

[quote=scott]At Boilermaker, I would have say 135, with their CRAZY :ahh: :ahh: fast arm. I remember thinking, “Man, if only we could be that fast”
Very nice robot, nothing slow about them.QUOTE]

135 did have a great robot that was super fast. The only problem was when in a few matches they were haveing tech problems. But man when they were working they were working and fast.[/quote]

well our robot was messing up becuase our autonomous wasn’t working correctly but i think 1251 their have great attiudes and their really great people and they had some bad luck but there a great overall team. but i don’t think i didn’t do to bad myself becuase it was my first year on a team and i made driver i am just glad about that and we did real well so i am not dissapionted about that either

The most spirited teams on Galileo were indubitably 365, 75 and 1108. Since I was coach I didn’t get to see a lot of the matches besides the ones we were in but the best robots I can remember have to be 254, 56 (The obvious choices, and I must point out that hearing 254’s bot up close it kinda sounded like a cricket or something. Anyone else hear that and agree?) and 103. We played against 103 at NJ and at Nationals and they were always so quick that it was nearly impossible to play defense against them without getting a penalty. Unfortunately in our last qualifying match against them a wire to our arm came loose so we were resigned to playing defense and it was extremely difficult. If their lift mechanism was only a little bit faster I would have favored them to win it all.

Another robot that impressed me was 469. The could stack 3 at a time and I remember a qualifying match where they stacked 3 twice along with 2 other tetras on the center goal making it 8 high and no other bots could cap over that.

The best drivers have to be either 330’s or 254’s. Watching them both compete in the finals was a sight to see. Congrats to them along with their alliance partners.

As far as robots (aside from our alliance partners - you guys rock), I thought 868 and 135 were great peices of machinery. 135 was just plain fast, and 868 could grab 4 tetras on one arm and 1 on the other, making it function both as a multi and single tetra stacker.

For spirit, does anybody even compete with 47?

For best overall team, I’m really not in a position to know which team is the ‘best’. However, I can definately say there was no team that for sure wasn’t the overall best. Everybody was awesome, this was a great year.

Thanks a lot. We always try our best out there but we’re constantly in awe of some of the teams out there. I’ll agree with 217. Also, you guys, 65, and 67, 624 and 66 for getting so close with auto, 33, 71, and a whole lot of others I can’t remember at the moment.

Also, thanks for letting us borrow your multimeter and all. The battery in ours was low and it really helped tracking down some PWM and valve problems.