Best Throwback Game?

Were you were in charge if making a game come back with the infrastructure and more “modern” technologies (eg no umbilicals for Maize Craze), how would you go about it? How would you adopt it to the new field (if applicable), and how would the gameplay be similar / different now that their entire season has come and gone?

This is very clearly a hypothetical.

2009 without regolith. No reason other than my own curiosity with how much that material actually affected the game.

Return of the drivetrain wars! Pinning and robot contact rules (<G32>) seemed to be pretty lax in 2009 in comparison to recent years. Made for some awesome robot-to-robot contact.

I would keep the similarity so clearly superficial that no one would look to the strategies of the inspiration game as anything other than a bank of ideas to consider. About as similar as Rebound Rumble was to basketball, for example. The best throwback game is the best new game.

I’d take 2004, and lower the entire floor one level so the “first step” of the field is level with the carpet. The stationary goals would be anchored to the carpet, and the only raised platform would be directly under the hanging bar. This would create more room on the field for the greater number of robots, make drivetrains less tricky to build, and allow lots of us the chance to (re)play a great FRC game. Also changing the build rules to be more modern (small footprint, but no extension limit or possession limit)

  1. Only major changes would be to reduce the weight and size of the tetras and perhaps the goals as well. Also improve vision tracking ability to find tetras and goals with improved targets.