Best Time Savings

I love this idea! What do you use for the pouch?

I’ll second making a calculator spreadsheet to automate all your most used calculations and store values that you use regularly. I recently shared my own here combining some calculations from other people’s spreadsheets and my own most used calculations and values.

Another thing I will add because I didn’t see it in this thread for CADing is making a parts library before the season starts. Last year in the off season I downloaded part files for basically every COTS part sold by Vex, AM, WCP, and CTRE, and REV, as well as all of the bolt lengths in the sizes we commonly use from McMaster. I gave them all the correct coloring, material, and weight and organized them into a library. Now whenever I need a COTS part I can easily pull from there instead of having to download and modify whenever I want a new part. It also saves space on my hard drive and reduces clutter by only having one model saved for each part across all projects instead of one (or more) in each project.

One thing my team did last year was that we had frequent meetings that were we would tell anyone what we were doing. It was a waste of time because they were to frequent so we kept saying “Still doing the exact same thing.” My point is to keep meetings to discuss what we people are doing to a minimum. Just tell people if you make an important change or change jobs. Maybe do it during lunch and dinner and breakfast only.