Best use of bumpers yet

Here are some pictures of our bumper couch we made over the last few meetings.
Got the idea from team 1676 in this thread,

Nice, this is great.

Tell me more about those workbenches behind the couch. Where are they from and what did they cost you?

Going to guess something like this:

We’ve got some places in RTP that deal in second hand office furniture for good deals. Often slightly damaged but it’s a solid desk, who cares? Look into Storr, they might be near you. They might be willing to cut you a deal. There might also be more local places.

I believe they are from LISTA.
I dont know the exact model as they were purchased by the school when they remodeled our shop space. We have really liked them and usually tape large sheets of thick paper on their tops to protect the wood. As a side benefit you can draw on the paper and make notes on whatever you are working on. works great.

Glad to have been of inspiration! It looks awesome! Now how to top that… :rolleyes:

Cool bench to have around the shop for mentor relaxation time.

…could also make for a fun auction item for fundraising.

Stick it on a swerve drive and be able to control it while sitting on it :slight_smile: . Ultimate laziness device!

Maybe a new IRI auction item - with Bumpers from a whole lot of teams. Should go at least as well as the t-shirt quilts.

Tell one of our mentors that. I wanted to do that and was turned down :frowning: Still makes a nice place to sleep whiles we’re waiting on the CAD team!

Too many engineers on this thread, everyone has overlooked the most obvious and important question…

Is it comfortable?


Yes, actually it is. although for me it is a bit to long to rest my head on one arm rest and my feet on the other. We might have to build a stool out of this years bumpers. :ahh:

What could possibly be more comfortable than cordura over pool noodle over nominal 3/4" plywood or dimensional lumber?