Best use of suction cups in Galieo?

Which team do you think had the most successful suction cups in Galieo? Alot of teams bragged about them, but very few used them. Which team do you think did the best with suction cup strat?
Also which design turned out to be the best amongst all the wild designs?

Les find out!!

I am not in galileo but I just wanted to say that we had an impoosible time with suction at nats because they never cleened the fields. At regionals we held the top every single match with suction and were only moved once but the curie field awfull so nothing worked. Were the fields used at regionals? that might explain it

We too had a suction cup, but we never had a problem with it. Once it was locked down, we couldn’t be pushed off the ramp. The only time we were not on the top of the ramp at the end of a match was against wildstang in the archimedes quarterfinal, and that’s because we let it go to push them off the ramp.

We had a 10" diameter suction cup that was pushed down using a 2" bore cylinder. This raised our wheels off the ground, so we only had a 10" footprint that needed to stay on the ramp. We then generated a vaccum by using a globe motor on a leadscrew to draw out a cylinder.

Our suction cups worked very well. We used 2 simple 5in suction cups on a 2in cylinder with a 2in bore. When we put those cups down no one could move us. In our 6 times that we were on the ramp no one could move us. They worked really well for us and we watched many teams beat on us for 20 seconds and they were not able to move us.